Enter The Gungeon – Junk

What does Junk do in Enter The Gungeon?

Junk is a passive item that players can pick up after destroying chests around the gungeon.

This passive item features the heaviest loot weight of any item or weapon in Enter the Gungeon at .45, which means that players have a 60% chance of getting Junk from destroying a chest than any other loot type in-game. That number increases further when the player has a key in their inventory.

Junk features one Synergy and a few important status buffs to some items and one other character in the game.

Is Junk a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

Contrary to its namesake, Junk is actually not a terrible item in Enter the Gungeon.

While the item only features one Synergy, Junk offers a few key buffs for a certain playable character in Enter the Gungeon, and even has a chance to spawn a non-playable character that will fight alongside the player. More on that in the Synergy and How to Use section below.

Best Synergy for Junk in Enter The Gungeon

There is only one true Synergy for Junk in Enter the Gungeon, and that is Grouch.


If the player has the C-rank Trashcannon and Junk in their inventory, the former gains an additional 25% damage.

Unfortunately, it won’t matter how many Junk pieces the player has in their inventory, as the Synergy will only give the Trashcannon a single 25% damage buff, no more.

How to Use Junk in Enter The Gungeon?

Junk is a passive item in Enter the Gungeon, which means that simply having the item in the player’s inventory is enough to activate its bonuses.

Junk is particularly good for The Robot, as each piece of Junk that the player possesses will give The Robot a permanent 5% damage increase. In addition, it won’t matter what happens to the Junk afterward, as the damage bonus will persist regardless.

If the player manages to collect four pieces of Junk in-game, they can unlock the 4th Gungeon instantly and start their runs from that floor.

Lastly, if the player comes across Ser Junkan, collecting Junk will level up the non-playable character up to seven times. If the player acquires a piece of Gold Junk, Ser Junkan will evolve into the powerful Mecha Junkan who will fight alongside the character around the Gungeon.


Junk only features one Synergy and only provides valuable buffs to a single character in The Robot, which makes it pretty much useless to any other character in the Gungeon.

There’s a good reason why Junk drop rates are higher than any other chest loot in-game. This is not to say Junk is, well, junk – all the other loot chests carry simply possess a higher intrinsic value than the Junk by itself.

Nevertheless, the ability to skip to the 4th floor and the chances of summoning Ser Junkan and making him more powerful through Junk are nice to have if the player comes across enough Junk in the Gungeon.

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