Enter The Gungeon – Badge

What does the Badge do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Badge is an A-rank passive item in Enter the Gungeon that summons a police offer that fights alongside the player.

The officer will fire bullets that deal five damage to enemies but will die if they take too much damage. Fortunately, the officer can heal to full health at the start of every room.

The Badge can be unlocked by defeating Blockner, a secret boss that players can find in the Black Powder Mine – the third chamber in Enter the Gungeon.

Is the Badge a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Badge is a decent A-rank passive item in Enter the Gungeon. The Badge’s ability to summon a companion police officer who deals damage to enemies is nice to have and should make solo gungeon runs more manageable.

Some of the Badge’s Synergies can make some weapons even more potent and turn the police into a more powerful companion in Enter the Gungeon.

Best Synergy for Badge in Enter The Gungeon

There are three known Synergies for the Badge in Enter the Gungeon – Detective Mode, Tea For Two, and To Serve Android.

Detective Mode

The Badge can turn the D-rank 38 Special into a more powerful weapon in Enter the Gungeon.

Thanks to the Detective Mode Synergy between the Badge and the 38 Special, the latter gains increased maximum ammo, 50% less reload time, and 20% increased damage. In addition, the police officer gains the ability to reveal the contents of nearby chests while the 38 Special is equipped.

Tea For Two

The C-rank Teapot and the Badge can combine to activate the Tea For Two Synergy.

Two For Two gives the officer a small red aura that will ignite nearby enemies every time the Teapotis reloaded in Enter the Gungeon.

To Serve Android

The Badge and the following items can combine to activate the To Serve Android Synergy:

  • Full Metal Jacket
  • Mass Shotgun
  • The Judge
  • Bionic Leg
  • Beck4ard
  • Grasschopper

Having any of the items above and the Badge in the player’s inventory will turn the police officer into an invincible robot through the To Serve Android Synergy.

A slight tradeoff with this Synergy is that the player loses the ability to speak to the officer.

How to Use the Badge in Enter The Gungeon?

The Badge is a passive item in Enter the Gungeon, which means that players just need to keep the item in their inventory and ensure that they don’t drop it at any point of their gungeon run.

The summoned officer will die if it takes too much damage in any chamber but will also heal back to max health after the player clears a room. If the officer dies at any stage of the player’s gungeon run, the player will receive 20% increased damage but gain a +2 curse.

While the summoned police officer can tank some pretty significant damage in Enter the Gungeon, the player still has to make sure they watch the officer’s back if they want to keep him around as a companion.


The Badge is one of few passive items in-game that can summon a companion unit that helps the player clear chambers in Enter the Gungeon.

While the police officer only deals minor damage in Enter the Gungeon, he can tank a decent amount of damage and even become invincible if the player manages to acquire any of the items required to activate the To Serve Android Synergy.

However, if the officer somehow dies in-game, the player will receive a parting gift in the form of 20% increased damage and a +2 curse.

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