Enter The Gungeon – Spice

What does the Spice do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Spice is an A-rank Active Item in Enter the Gungeon that improves stats and has a chance to replace the player’s weapons and items every time it is used in-game.

In addition, pickups from chests, room drops, and shops are likewise randomized every time the player uses the Spice in their gungeon run.

Players can purchase this active item from the Ox and Cadence for 7 Hegemony Credits.

Is the Spice a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Spice is a very good item in Enter the Gungeon that can give the player stacking status bonuses in-game.

In addition, the Spice increases the chances of the player obtaining a much more powerful weapon in-game, as it randomly replaces items and other pickups every time it is consumed.

Best Synergy for Spice in Enter The Gungeon

There are no Synergies for the Spice in Enter the Gungeon. Most of its status bonuses can only be obtained by consuming the active item in-game.

If you’re really looking for a Synergy, eating more Spice in-game might count. Check out the status bonuses below to get a better idea.

How to Use the Spice in Enter The Gungeon?

Players can consume the Spice numerous times in Enter the Gungeon. The status bonuses and effects that the item provides change with every use instance.

First Use

On first use, the Spice provides an additional heart container, increases player speed by 20%, decreases shot spread by 25%, increases curve by 0.5, and adds a chance to replace other items and pickups.

Second Use

Using the Spice a second time will grant an additional heart container, slow enemy bullets by 10%, increase firing speed by 20%, increase Curse by 1, and increase the chance for Spice to replace other items and pickups in-game.

Third Use

The third Spice use balances things out by removing 1 heart container. However, the rest of the buffs are improved: Spice slows down enemy bullets by an additional 8%, increases damage by 20%, increases Curse by 1, and once again, increases the chance for Spice to replace other items and pickups around the Gungeon.

Fourth Use

Gaining a heart container and yet another round of damage bonuses will make the game too easy, so by the fourth use of the Spice, players lose yet another heart container, and weapon shot spread is increased. 

However, player damage is further increased by 15%, Curse is increased by 1, and the Spice once again has a chance to replace other items and pickups in the Gungeon.

Fifth Use and beyond

Upon using the Spice for the fifth time, players will once again lose another heart container and gain another 10% in weapon shot spread.

Nevertheless, players gain an additional 15% damage (for a total of 50% on the fifth use) and Curse is further increased by one point (can be good or bad depending on the situation)

It is worth noting that by the third or fourth use, the Spice will most likely replace all weapons and items in the Gungeon, so the player’s chances of getting more Spice increases in addition to a couple of other items that will be replaced when consuming Spice.

Another thing to note is any subsequent Spice consumption beyond the third use will continue to take away heart containers until you’re basically in heart debt. Hence, acquiring items that restore heart containers will not restore hearts instantly, as the game keeps track of your heart debt in-game.


The Spice is definitely a double-edged sword type of item in Enter the Gungeon. The status bonuses for consuming the Spice the first few times are significant enough to warrant subsequent Spice consumption.

However, as players consume more than three Spice in-game, they start trading survivability for massive damage, and can quickly end up in a pick-your-poison type of situation.

Nevertheless, the Spice is a very good item that can definitely “spice up” you Gungeon runs in Enter the Gungeon.

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