Enter The Gungeon – Brick of Cash

What does the Brick of Cash do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Brick of Cash is a B-rank passive item that reveals secret room entrances around the gungeon.

Secret rooms are hidden rooms commonly found in chambers in Enter the Gungeon. These rooms contain various items such as Hearts, Keys, Armor, and Ammo, among many others. In addition, rare NPCs can be found hiding in these secret rooms, which makes the Brick of Cash a handy passive item for revealing secret rooms.

Is the Brick of Cash a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Brick of Cash is a pretty good item in Enter the Gungeon. Without the Brick of Cash, players will have to guess and shoot at random walls to discover a secret room, which wastes precious ammo in the process.

Best Synergy for Brick of Cash in Enter The Gungeon

There is only one known Synergy for the Brick of Cash in Enter the Gungeon – Cash Rules Everygun Around Me.

Cash Rules Everygun Around Me

The A-rank passive item, Briefcase of Cash, and the Brick of Cash can combine to activate a Synergy called Cash Rules Everygun Around Me

Cash Rules Everygun Around Me gives the player’s guns the chance to fire money, which charms enemies and turns them into allies that fight alongside the player. 

How to Use the Brick of Cash in Enter The Gungeon?

As a passive item, players only need to have the Brick of Cash in their inventory to use its effects. A little brick man should show up to indicate entrances to secret rooms on every floor in Enter the Gungeon.

The same is true for its lone Synergy with the Briefcase of Cash – players do not have to do anything specific to activate the Synergy ability between the Brick of Cash and Briefcase of Cash. Players can just shoot normally and still get the full effect of the Synergy.

However, players must remember that “charmed” allies’ bullets can still harm the player, so players need to exercise caution when using this Synergy.


The Brick of Cash is a nice quality of life passive item to have in Enter the Gungeon. With this item in your inventory, you won’t have to waste time and ammo trying to find the secret rooms in every chamber.

In addition, the Cash Rules Everygun Around Me Synergy’s ability to Charm enemies is a welcome passive ability that can help the player gain allies that can fight for them when clearing rooms around the Gungeon.

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