What Does Broccoli Do in Enter The Gungeon?

What does Broccoli do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Broccoli is an A-rank passive item in Enter the Gungeon that offers a few key buffs.

With the Broccoli in the player’s inventory, the player will gain 10% increased damage, a 10% chance to negate damage, and 1 point of movement speed.

Broccoli also features four unique Synergies with other weapons in Enter the Gungeon. More on that in the Best Synergy section below.

Is Broccoli a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Broccoli is a very good A-rank passive item that gives increased damage, a chance to negate damage, and increased movement speed. All of which help the player clear rooms faster and survive longer in their gungeon runs.

Best Synergy for Broccoli in Enter The Gungeon

There are four known Synergies for Broccoli in Enter the Gungeon – Hardwood, Cactus Flower/Vegetables, Pea Cannon/Vegetables, and Plant Power.


The C-rank Mahoguny fires explosive pinecones and three leaves per shot. With the Hardwood Synergy between the Mahoguny and the Broccoli, Mahoguny gains the ability to fire four explosive shots instead of three but loses the ability to fire leaves.

Cactus Flower/Vegetables

On its own, the Cactus will fire low-damage needles at a fast fire rate. While the C-rank gun has an infinite range, there is much left to be desired with its overall damage output.

The Cactus Flower/Vegetables Synergy between the Cactus and Broccoli will give the Cactus a chance to fire a prickly pear that will bounce off walls and fire needles in all directions. Unlike the Cactus’ needles, the Cactus Flower/Vegetables Synergy’s needles are double in size, deal triple damage, and gain the ability to pierce and bounce.

Pea Cannon/Vegetables

The D-rank Pea Shooter is one of the weakest guns in Enter the Gungeon. Fortunately, with the help of the Broccoli, the Pea Cannon/Vegetables Synergy will activate.

Pea Cannon/Vegetables will give the Pea Shooter 3x more damage and give its projectiles the ability to pierce, bounce, and explode.

Plant Power

The B-rank Triple Gun and the Broccoli can combine to form the Plant Power Synergy.

Plant Power will speed up the Triple Gun’s transition from a machine gun to a beam weapon at 150/500 ammo.

How to Use Broccoli in Enter The Gungeon?

On its own, the Broccoli does not feature any active abilities, hence, players only need to keep the item in their inventory to reap its stat bonuses.

Furthermore, if the player somehow acquires more Broccoli, the item’s effect bonuses can stack to give the player even more damage, movement speed, and an improved chance to negate damage.


Broccoli is an excellent passive item that provides decent stat bonuses in Enter the Gungeon. Its Synergies with other weapons in-game aren’t too bad either and can help take a lowly D-rank weapon like the Pea Shooter to new heights.

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