What do you get with Riddle of Lead in Enter the Gungeon?

enter the gungeon riddle of lead

What does the Riddle of Lead do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Riddle of Lead is an S-rank passive item that provides a host of powerful stat bonuses in Enter the Gungeon. 

With the Riddle of Lead in the player’s inventory, they gain an additional heart container, get a full heal upon pickup, get a 30% damage increase, gain a 10% improved movement speed, gain the ability to dodge roll or table slide 15% faster and negate incoming damage 50% of the time. đź¤Ż

That was a mouthful. However, that is just a testament to the insane status buffs that the Riddle of Lead provides in Enter the Gungeon.

Is the Riddle of Lead a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Riddle of Leads is one of the best passive items in Enter the Gungeon. No other passive item can give a similar DPS, movement, and health boost that the Riddle of Lead provides in-game. 

Its lone Synergy is no slouch either and only serves to further enhance the player’s DPS capability in-game. 

Best Synergy for Riddle of Lead in Enter The Gungeon

There is only one Synergy for the Riddle of Lead in Enter the Gungeon – Liches Get Stitches

Liches Get Stitches

The D-rank passive item Lichy Trigger Finger and the Riddle of Lead combine to activate the Liches Get Stitches Synergy, which grants a temporary fire rate boost after killing any enemy with any type of gun. 

A green arrow will show up above the player’s head to let players know that the Synergy effect is active.

How to Use the Riddle of Lead in Enter The Gungeon?

The Riddle of Lead is a passive item in Enter the Gungeon, which means that players only really have to pick the item up and keep it in their inventory for the rest of their Gungeon run to reap its benefits. 

However, a few key things to note about the Riddle of Lead:

  • Dropping and picking up the Riddle of Lead in hopes of getting another full heal is not going to work. 
  • The Robot will get a permanent 50% chance to negate damage since the character does not have hearts. 
  • Chance to negate damage carries over to fall damage as well
  • Players can lose the chance to earn a Master Round if the Riddle of Lead’s 50% chance to negate damage is activated in a boss fight
  • 50% damage negation only works when the number of filled heart containers is at 1 or lower. 


The Riddle of Lead is easily a gungeon-run changing passive item that increases the most significant player stats in Enter the Gungeon. 

The additional health container, full heal upon pickup, damage buff, speed buff, dodge roll buff, and damage negation all help to keep the player’s DPS up while ensuring survivability in the Gungeon.

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