Duct Tape in Enter The Gungeon – What The Game Doesn’t Tell You

enter the gungeon duct tape

What does the Duct Tape do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Duct Tape is an A-rank Active Item that combines two guns in Enter the Gungeon. Players can acquire the Duct Tape from Ox and Cadence for 10 Hegemony Credits. 

As an A-rank item, the Duct Tape will not appear in-game very frequently. However, when it does appear in-game, players can have a ton of fun mixing and matching guns together for some cool combined weapon effects. 

Is the Duct Tape a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Duct Tape is a very good item in Enter the Gungeon that give players the ability to add additional weapon effects to their chosen base gun. 

By taping another gun to the player’s chosen base gun, the base gun will gain the second gun’s projectiles and give the second gun all of its Synergies. However, the second gun will lose all of its Synergies.

Best Synergy for Duct Tape in Enter The Gungeon

There are no direct Synergies for the Duct Tape in Enter the Gungeon. However, all Synergies present in the base gun will carry over to the consumed gun instead.  

How to Use the Duct Tape in Enter The Gungeon?

The best way to use the Duct Tape in Enter the Gungeon is to drop all of your weapons on the ground. After which, pick up and equip the gun that you want to use as your base gun, pick up the second gun (the gun that will be consumed), equip the base gun, and then use the Duct Tape. Make sure you pick up the base gun first, as this will ensure that you’ll tape the second gun to the base gun and not the other way around.  

As a result, the base gun will now fire its own projectiles and the second gun’s projectiles together. Taping both guns will combine their maximum ammo as well, which means that the amount of ammo used per shot will be equal to the ammo used by both guns when fired individually. 

It is worth noting that the Duct Tape won’t work with weapons that have infinite ammo. However, players can keep using more Duct Tape to add more guns to the base gun. By taping more guns to the base gun, the base gun will fire the projectile of all the newly added guns. The same gun cannot be added twice, though, so keep that in mind. 

In addition, taping guns together will cause the second gun to lose all of its active Synergies but gain all the Synergies of the base gun in the process. 

Other things to remember include:

  • Players have to charge charged gun when taping it with a non-charged gun
  • In weapons with alternate ammo types, only the weapon’s currently equipped ammo will be used in the new gun. 
  • Cursor-directed weapons will have a slight delay before players can guide the ammo toward the target
  • Taping a reload gun to a non-reload gun will cause the reload gun to be useless after consuming the gun’s initial magazine. 
  • Taping the Akey-47 with the Synergy Akey Breaky or the Betrayer’s Shield with its Synergy Betrayer’s Lies will give the newly formed gun infinite ammo. 


The Duct Tape can spawn weapon monstrosities in Enter the Gungeon. However, because of how rare the item is in every Gungeon run, players will not be able to experiment with very many weapon combinations in-game.

Nevertheless, Duct Tape is a very cool item that essentially combines two weapons together and gives players the ability to shoot both weapons’ projectiles simultaneously in Enter the Gungeon. 

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