What Does the Evolver do in Enter the Gungeon?

enter the gungeon evolver

What does the Evolver do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Evolver is a semi-automatic C-rank gun in Enter the Gungeon that features five unique evolutions. Each evolution will improve Evolver’s Magazine Size, Max ammo, DPS, Damage, and Fire Rate. In addition, each time the Evolver evolves to its next form, the player will receive full ammo.

Here are the Evolver’s stats for each evolution:

  • Amoeba 
    • 6 Damage
    • 24 Magazine Size
    • 300 Max ammo
    • 13.5 DPS
    • 0.4 Fire Rate
  • Sponge 
    • 8.5 Damage
    • 24 Magazine Size
    • 300 Max Ammo
    • 19.1 DPS
    • 0.4 Fire Rate
  • Flatworm 
    • 11.5 Damage
    • 24 Magazine Size
    • 300 Max Ammo
    • 25.8 DPS
    • 0.4 Fire Rate
  • Snail
    • 11.5×3 Damage
    • 8 Magazine Size
    • 300 Max Ammo
    • 43.125 DPS
    • 0.7 Fire Rate
  • Frog
    • 23/s Damage
    • 300 Magazine Size
    • 300 Max Ammo
    • 23 DPS
    • 1 Fire Rate
  • Dragon
    • 37.5 Damage
    • 200 Magazine Size
    • 150 Max Ammo
    • 93.8 DPS
    • 0.4 Fire Rate

The Evolver can Synergize with four other items to help the gun evolve faster. More on that in the Synergies section below. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that every evolution of the Evolver will trigger the Lord of the Jammed and cause it to appear on a new floor. 

Is the Evolver a good weapon in Enter The Gungeon?

The Evolver is one of the better C-rank weapons in Enter the Gungeon, making it a very good weapon for just about any floor of the Gungeon. 

There are only two weapons that feature a unique level-up system – the Evolver and the A-rank Gunderfury. 

The Gunderfury is arguably leagues ahead of the Evolver in terms of Max Ammo, DPS, and Damage. Nevertheless, the Evolver can give players a good taste of what the A-rank Gunderfury would feel like. 

Best Synergy for Evolver in Enter The Gungeon

The Evolver features two unique Synergies – Natural Selection and The Powerhouse of the Cell.

Natural Selection (Best Synergy)

If the player has the Evolver and an Irradiated Lead, Monster Blood, or Big Boy, a Synergy called Natural Selection will be activated. 

Natural Selection fast tracks Evolver’s evolution by reducing the total unique enemy kills required to evolve the gun from five to just three.

The Powerhouse of the Cell

If players manage to pick up the Antibody passive item with the Evolver already in their inventory, Evolver will instantly evolve to the next stage. 

In addition, because of the natural ammo refill that comes with each Evolver evolution, dropping the Antibody and then picking it up will give the Evolver unlimited ammo.

How to Use the Evolver in Enter The Gungeon?

The Evolver requires five unique enemy kills (three with the Natural Selection Synergy) before it evolves to the next stage. With this in mind, killing as many unique enemies quickly to max out the Evolver will be on top of the player’s priority list. 

However, it is worth noting that enemies do not necessarily have to be killed by the Evolver itself to complete the required unique enemy kills for leveling up. Simply having the Evolver in the player’s inventory and killing five unique enemies with any other gun will still help the Evolver amass experience all the same. 

The first three evolutions of the Evolver, from the amoeba to the snail, will fire projectiles that deal 6-11.5 damage, respectively. The snail, particularly, will fire three projectiles instead of one. 

The frog evolution will emit a red tongue that will latch onto the nearest enemy and deal 23 damage every second it is attached to the enemy. 

Lastly, the dragon form will fire blue flame projectiles that will start slow and then accelerate to deal 37.5 damage to enemies. However, the Evolvers Max Ammo in dragon form will reduce overall ammo from 300 to 150. 

Aiming and gameplay will vary between each of Evolver’s five evolutions. The first three evolutions plus the dragon form will have players simply aiming and shooting at enemies at will. On the other hand, the frog will require players to latch on to enemy units to inflict damage per second. 


The Evolver is a meme gun meant to mock evolution denial in real life by featuring five unique evolutions that take the form of an amoeba, sponge, flatworm, snail, frog, and dragon in Enter the Gungeon. 

However, the Evolver is no meme gun in Enter the Gungeon, and the improved Magazine Size, Max Ammo, DPS, Damage, and Fire Rate in every stage of its evolution make it one of the most powerful C-rank weapons in the game. 

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