Enter the Gungeon – Bloodied Scarf

What does the Bloodied Scarf do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Bloodied Scarf is a B-rank passive item that replaces the classic dodge roll with a teleport. Other effects include the Bloodied Scarf’s post-teleport effect that will allow you to dissipate bullets as you blink into them and a passive 30% faster reload buff.

With the Bloodied Scarf, you can teleport to almost any visible part of the screen and, thanks to the bullet-dissipating effect of blinking, you can effectively remain invincible by spam-teleporting.

Is the Bloodied Scarf a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Bloodied Scarf is a good item in Enter the Gungeon that will give you the ability to teleport short distances and decrease your guns’ reload times by 30%.

While there is nothing wrong with the dodge roll mechanic in Enter the Gungeon, having the ability to teleport from one spot to another and dissipate any bullets in the teleport location can help open a world of possibilities in terms of positioning around the Gungeon.

Best Synergy for the Bloodied Scarf in Enter The Gungeon

The Bloodied Scarf has two unique Synergies in Enter the Gungeon – Raizo’s Stuff and Venom Veins.

Raizo’s Stuff

Raizo’s Stuff is a Synergy between the Bloodied Scarf and the Grappling Hook. The Raizo’s Stuff Synergy will cause bullets you shoot while being pulled by the Grappling Hook to gain homing.

Venom Veins

If you have the Bloodied Scarf and the Mutation in your inventory, the Venom Veins Synergy will cause the Mutation to inflict poison on enemies.

How to Use the Bloodied Scarf in Enter The Gungeon?

To use the Bloodied Scarf in Enter the Gungeon, simply press the dodge button to quickly teleport a short distance in the direction you are moving. Alternatively, you can hold down the dodge button and teleport to your cursor’s location on the screen.

Things get a bit tricky if you’re playing with a controller – a shadow will show up in your Gungeoneer’s current location and you will need to move the shadow manually with the right analog stick to choose your teleport location, making teleporting less reliable than dodge rolling when playing on a controller.

The Bloodied Scarf can also be used to find secret rooms; denoted by a grey teleport icon that appears on walls that leads to the secret room path. You can even rescue NPCs by teleporting into their cell before you acquire the Cell Key.

The Bloodied Scarf will take some getting used to before you’re back to moving seamlessly through the Gungeon as you would when dodge rolling. Nevertheless, the ability to completely dissipate bullets as you teleport can give you pseudo-invulnerability to bullets if you can teleport in place fast enough.


The Bloodied Scarf is a very good item if you can master its teleport mechanic. Aside from the teleport ability it provides, you can also use the Bloodied Scarf’s teleport in a variety of ways, such as for finding secret rooms and rescuing NPCs, making it more versatile than the classic dodge roll.

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