Enter the Gungeon – Remote Bullets

What does the Remote Bullets do in Enter The Gungeon?

Remote Bullets is a C-rank passive item that belongs to the bullet upgrade class of items in Enter the Gungeon.

Remote Bullets will give you control over the direction of the bullets you fire with your gun. You can control the bullets’ movement by directing them with your mouse or controller, making the Remote Bullets a great passive item for guns that fire bullets in many directions. Remote Bullets will also give you an instant 10% damage boost upon pickup.

Is the Remote Bullets a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

Remote Bullets is a very good item in Enter the Gungeon. Having the ability to redirect your guns’ bullets towards a target direction will significantly increase your efficiency and accuracy in-game.

Remote Bullets work best with guns that fire a large spread of bullets, such as the Cat Bullet King Throne, Gunzheng, and most notably, the Crown of Guns.

Best Synergy for the Remote Bullets in Enter The Gungeon

Remote Bullets does not share Synergies with other guns/items in Enter the Gungeon. Nevertheless, you can pair Remote Bullets with most guns that fire in bursts or random patterns to significantly increase their accuracy.

One gun that benefits a ton from Remote Bullets is the Crown of Guns. With the help of Remote Bullets, you can direct all of the Crown of Guns’ bullets in one general direction, significantly improving the gun’s accuracy and damage potential.

How to Use the Remote Bullets in Enter The Gungeon?

Using Remote Bullets is simple. All you have to do is fire your gun of choice, then move your crosshair using your mouse or right joystick toward the enemy’s general direction. Remote Bullets will automatically redirect the trajectory of the bullets you just fired toward your desired location.

Remote Bullets is 100% accurate up to the center of the on-screen crosshair for most guns in the game. However, since the crosshair cannot reach the far corners of the screen effectively, redirecting fire toward the enemy standing off-screen can be very challenging.


Remote Bullets is an awesome item that works very well with guns that fire bursts of bullets in random directions. The Remote Bullets’ 10% bonus damage can significantly increase the damage you deal with the gun of your choice, thanks to the improved accuracy and reliability of your shots.

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