Enter the Gungeon – Boss Rush

What is Boss Rush in Enter the Gungeon?

Boss Rush is an unlockable game mode where rooms are reduced to just an entrance, a boss room, and an exit. In Boss Rush, you get to fight against Enter the Gungeon bosses one after the other without having to worry about other types of enemies along the way.

Despite being a shorter game mode, boss rewards are generally similar to those you can acquire from beating the bosses through the normal game mode. You can also acquire Master Rounds through Boss Rush.

What do you get for beating Boss Rush in Gungeon?

You can expect to get all the typical Boss rewards from beating Boss Rush in Enter the Gungeon, as the Boss Rush game mode shares the same rewards system as the normal game mode.

The advantage that Boss Rush brings lies in the face-paced and no-frills gameplay that allows you to face and beat one Enter the Gungeon boss after the other without having to worry about too many traps, lesser enemies, keys, and other boss prerequisites.

Like the normal game mode, Boss Rush also offers a chance to get Master Rounds. The same rules apply, however, which means you must not take damage in the boss fight to collect the Master Round afterward. You cannot collect Hegemony Credits from Boss rush.

Is Boss Rush hard?

No. Boss Rush is not difficult as you probably already faced many if not all the bosses featured in Boss Rush’s Boss List. With that said, Boss Rush bosses are still the real deal, so it is best to treat them as a real threat as you fight against them in this alternate game mode.

The DPS cap is removed from this game mode as well, which means guns with high damage that typically deal less than the ideal amount of damage against bosses will deal maximum damage in Boss Rush.

Many players recommend playing as The Marine in Boss Rush, probably because of The Marine’s reliable early-game and dependable passive item in Military Training. The Marine should also be considerably tankier early on, thanks to the bonus armor he starts his run with.

How do you complete Boss Rush?

You need to beat all the bosses on each of the Gungeon’s floors to complete Boss Rush. Depending on which floor you’re on, expect to face 3-4 bosses per floor.

  • Keep of the Lead Lord
    • Gattling Gull
    • Trigger Twins
    • Bullet King
  • Gungeon Proper
    • Beholster
    • Ammoconda
    • The Gorgun
  • Black Powder Mine
    • Cannonbalrog
    • Treadnaught
    • Mine Flayer
    • Door Lord
  • Hollow
    • Wallmonger
    • High Priest
    • Kill Pillars
  • Forge
    • High Dragun

By completing Boss Rush, you can collect a Master Round, the Lead God Achievement, and unlock Super Hot Watch.


Boss Rush is a fun game mode that gives players a chance to quickly run through some of their favorite Boss Fights in Enter the Gungeon. Unfortunately, the game mode can start feeling repetitive quickly because of the relatively small boss list and lack of randomization between boss fights.

Nevertheless, Boss Rush can be great for collecting boss rewards and Master Rounds, or for unlocking the Lead God Achievement and the Super Hot Watch.

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