Enter the Gungeon – How To Steal From The Shop And What Happens After

How Does Stealing Work in Enter the Gungeon?

Stealing will give you the chance to acquire a random item from any shop for free through the use of special weapons or items in Enter the Gungeon.

You can steal from any shop in the Gungeon through the use of specific stealing items. These items will distract the shopkeeper for a brief period, allowing you to pick up items from the shop for free.

Stealing from the main shop and any NPC shop will have a 100% chance of succeeding the first time. For main shops, any second attempt to steal will have a 50% chance of getting caught, while subsequent attempts will have just a 10% chance of success.

For other NPC merchants, attempts to steal beyond the first time will be pinned to a 10% chance to succeed.

However, if caught stealing by the main shopkeeper, he will close his shop for the remainder of your Gungeon run, severely limiting your ability to get pickups and other items to help your run.

How Often Can You Steal in the Gungeon?

You can steal multiple times from any shop in Enter the Gungeon. This includes the Main Shop owned by Bello and other NPC merchants such as the Black Market.

Stealing will give you 1 point of Curse for every item you steal from shops and greatly increase the risk of getting caught beyond the first attempt. If you get caught stealing from the main shop, you will lose the ability to purchase items from the same shop as Bello the Shopkeeper will permanently close his shop until the end of your run.

What Happens if You Steal in the Gungeon?

Stealing will increase your Curse by 1 point per item and give you a random item from the shop.

Stealing is typically harmless when done only once per shop and you can even steal again from the same shop a second time. However, doing so will cause the shopkeeper to close his shop for the rest of the run.

You can steal from NPC shops multiple times in a single run, as these shops do not have any memory of you stealing from their shops.

Items That Let You Steal From The Shop Gungeon

There are only 12 items that will let you steal from shops in Enter the Gungeon. These are:

  • Aged Bell
  • Box
  • Chaff Grenade
  • Charm Horn
  • Decoy
  • Directional Pad
  • Explosive Decoy
  • Grappling Hook
  • Grey Mauser
  • Smoke Bomb
  • Ring of Ethereal Form
  • The Predator

Most items that allow you to steal from shops will be used to distract the shopkeeper for a brief moment, such as the Aged Bell, Charm Horn, and Decoy. Steal a random item from the shop while the shopkeeper is distracted.

Other items, such as the Grappling Hook, are less subtle in their methods and can directly pull an item from the shop while the shopkeeper is watching. Despite the 100% guaranteed chance to succeed in a stealing attempt, using the Grappling Hook will increase your chances of getting caught when stealing from the shop.

The rest of the items hide or conceal your Gungeoneer, such as the Box and the Grey Mauser.

What Items Can You Steal from the Shop in Enter the Gungeon?

You can steal any item that’s on the shopkeeper’s table. Remember that each item you steal will add 1 point of Curse. Typically, you can safely steal one item from the main shop without alerting the shopkeeper, as most items only provide distraction or cover long enough for you to steal a single item from the shop.

Keep in mind that any further attempts to steal will have a lower chance of success (50% for the second attempt. 10% for attempts after the second time) and a greater chance for the shopkeeper to close the shop. Stealing from mini shops will have a 10% chance of succeeding after the first try, but these shops will reopen when you encounter them on later floors.


Stealing can be a great way of acquiring items or guns that you do not have enough Bronze Shells/Casings to pay for upfront. Just remember to keep it subtle and only attempt to steal a second time if you see an item that can potentially help seal the rest of your run.

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