A Guide To The Different Chest Types in Enter the Gungeon

Chests are the primary source of loot in Enter the Gungeon, which contains various in-game items such as pickups, guns, and items (passive and active).

There are up to six types of Normal Chests alongside another set of six unique Special Chests in Enter the Gungeon, each varying in terms of loot rewards and drop rates. Chests in the Gungeon can either be locked or unlocked. For the former, you will need a key to unlock the chest and take its contents. Alternatively, you can use items that allow you to open chests, such as The Pilot’s lockpicks.

Below is a list of all Normal and Special Chests found in Enter the Gungeon, their functions, the type of loot you can expect to find within them, and how to acquire them in-game.

Normal Chests

Like guns and items in Enter the Gungeon, a chest’s rarity and quality are represented by the six different colors for each item rank in-game – Brown, Blue, Green, Red, and Black.

The sixth chest type, known as the Rainbow Chest, is the rarest chest with a very small chance of replacing a random chest in the Gungeon.

Brown Chests (D-rank Chests)

Brown Chests are the most common Chest type in Enter the Gungeon. You have the highest chance of encountering these chests on the earlier floors of the Gungeon.

Brown Chests are the only chests that can drop both pickups and/or an item/gun simultaneously upon unlocking.

Gungeons and Draguns Update Brown Chest Loot Tables:

  • 1st Floor: 35%
  • 2nd Floor: 10%
  • 3rd Floor: 2%
  • 4th Floor: 2%
  • 5th Floor: 0%

Notable Guns found in Brown Chests:

  • Sling
  • Lil’ Bomber
  • Flare Gun
  • Casey
  • Alien Sidearm

Notable Items found in Brown Chests

  • Drill
  • Potion of Gun Friendship
  • Meatbun
  • Grappling Hook
  • Potion of Lead Skin

Blue Chests (C-rank Chests)

Blue Chests offer guns/items that are marginally better than the ones found in the D-rank Brown Chest.

Nevertheless, the most notable feature of Blue Chests in Enter the Gungeon is the high chance of acquiring Passive and Active Items from these Chests versus Pickups and Weapons.

Gungeons and Draguns Update Blue Chest Loot Tables:

  • 1st Floor: 32%
  • 2nd Floor: 37%
  • 3rd Floor: 26%
  • 4th Floor: 20%
  • 5th Floor: 10%

Notable Guns found in Blue Chests:

  • Crown of Guns
  • Chamber Gun
  • Gungeon Ant
  • Pitchfork
  • Glass Cannon

Notable Items found in Blue Chests

  • Medkit
  • Remote Bullets
  • Junk
  • Ration
  • Macho Brace

Green Chests (B-rank Chests)

Green Chests feature B-rank guns and items in Enter the Gungeon. Green Chests have the widest variety of items and guns in the game, featuring as many as 70 different types of B-rank guns and 73 B-rank items.

Gungeons and Draguns Update Green Chest Loot Tables:

  • 1st Floor: 20%
  • 2nd Floor: 40%
  • 3rd Floor: 54%
  • 4th Floor: 50%
  • 5th Floor: 42.5%

Notable Guns found in Green Chests:

  • Polaris
  • Flame Hand
  • Alien Engine
  • Dueling Laser
  • Demon Head

Notable Items found in Green Chests

  • Gilded Bullets
  • Super Space Turtle
  • Brick of Cash
  • Lament Configurum
  • Wax Wings

Red Chests (A-rank Chests)

Alongside Black Chests, Red Chests are some of the rarest Chests in Enter the Gungeon. These Chests contain one of 44 A-rank guns and 49 A-rank items.

Gungeons and Draguns Update Red Chest Loot Tables:

  • 1st Floor: 9%
  • 2nd Floor: 9%
  • 3rd Floor: 12.5%
  • 4th Floor: 20%
  • 5th Floor: 35%

Notable Guns found in Red Chests:

  • High Kaliber
  • Dragunfire
  • Gunderfury
  • Serious Cannon
  • Cat Claw

Notable Items found in Red Chests

  • Box
  • Fat Bullets
  • Spice
  • Duct Tape
  • Gun Soul

Black Chests (S-rank Chests)

Black Chests are the second rarest Chests next to the elusive Rainbow Chest. These Chests feature 37 of the most powerful guns and items in Enter the Gungeon.

Gungeons and Draguns Update Black Chest Loot Tables:

  • 1st Floor: 4%
  • 2nd Floor: 4%
  • 3rd Floor: 5.5%
  • 4th Floor: 8%
  • 5th Floor: 12.5%

Notable Guns found in Black Chests:

  • Composite Gun
  • AKEY-47
  • Railgun
  • Vulcan Cannon
  • Yari Launcher

Notable Items found in Black Chests

  • Relodestone
  • Platinum Bullets
  • Lich’s Eye Bullets
  • Seven-Leaf Clover
  • Yellow Chamber

Special Chests

Special Chests are unique chests that function similarly to the typical Brown, Blue, Green, Red, and Black Chests in that you can acquire loot from them after opening them in-game.

Some of these chests can drop multiple random items/guns, revive fallen teammates, or even take you to a secret room where you fight two bosses simultaneously to claim the chest’s rewards.

Synergy Chests

Synergy Chests are chests that change their color upon opening. Synergy Chests can turn blue or red and drop a gun required to complete a Synergy or a random item/gun.

Synergy Chests will only start appearing around the Gungeon after you’ve freed Synergrace. They have a 5% chance of replacing normal chests but are guaranteed to spawn after you defeat the Old King. You can also purchase Synergy Chests from Synergrace but you need to have an item that can Synergize with other items in your inventory.

Rat Chests

Rat Chests are Chests found in the Resourceful Rat’s Lair. These chests can only be opened with the special keys dropped by the Resourceful Rat in the “Punch-Out!!!” phase of the fight against the Resourceful Rat.

Upon beating the Resourceful Rat in battle, all four Rat Chests will appear in the loot room. Each chest will contain a costume piece. If you manage to acquire all four items from the Rat Chests, you will turn into the Resourceful Rat himself.

Using the Trusty Lockpicks or the Drill will also open the Rat Chests, and if any of the Rat items are acquired before your fight against the Resourceful Rat, opening Rat Chests will give you an A-rank gun/item instead. 

Rainbow Chests

Rainbow Chests have a 0.0343% chance to replace a regular chest around the Gungeon, making it the rarest and most valuable chest in Enter the Gungeon.

Rainbow Chests will always contain a random assortment of 8 items/guns that are at least B-rank in quality. This means that you are guaranteed to find A-rank and S-rank items from Rainbow Chests.

You won’t need keys or special items to unlock Rainbow Chests in the Gungeon. Rainbow Chests are always unlocked except when they replaced a Brown Chest.

Rainbow Chests are the primary source of loot in a Rainbow Run. You get a Rainbow Chest at the start of every floor in a Rainbow Run. However, you can only pick one item from the random assortment of 8 items found in the Rainbow Chest.

However, if you come across a Rainbow Chest in a random room in a Rainbow Run, you can keep all 8 items found in the Rainbow Chest.

Truth Chest

The Truth Chest is a special chest that can only be found in Brother Albern’s secret room such as the secret room found in the Abbey of the True Gun. You need to answer Brother Albern’s questions correctly to collect the items within the Truth Chest.

The Truth Chest contains up to two random pickups, guns, or items, of random quality.

If you’re not too fond of Brother Albert’s questions, you can force the Truth Chest to open by using the AKEY-47.

Revival Chest

The Revival Chest can only be found during co-op play. Whenever a player dies during co-op, all unopened chests will be replaced with Revival Chests. Opening or breaking these chests will reveal the dead player.

Tip: Check the current floor’s chest quality and only open the Revival Chest that is of lower quality so you don’t waste your chance of getting higher-rank guns or items later in your run.

Glitch Chest

If you’re lucky enough to come across a Glitch Chest despite its 0.1% chance to appear in-game, you’ll have the chance to face off against two glitched Beholsters in a glitched version of the next floor.

Defeating both Beholsters will reward you with 7 guns/items on top of normal boss rewards and a ton of pickups.

To unlock Glitched Chests, you need to kill the Beholster at least once and have entered the Gungeon more than 10 times in your current save file.

Union Mimic Chest

If you have the Mimic Tooth Necklace in your inventory as you enter the Resourceful Rat’s Lair, there’s a good chance you’ll come across the Union Mimic Chest inside the lair.

You cannot get any type of loot from the Union Mimic Chest, as it only functions as an NPC representing the Mimic Union.

The Union Mimic Chest will only give you interesting dialogues about the relationship between Chests and Mimics in the Gungeon.


Enter the Gungeon features 11 unique chests that can contain varying ranks of items/guns or send you to a special dimension where you face off against bosses before the chest loot is made available to you.

Knowing what each type of chest does and the types of items you can expect to find within them will help you save keys and other resources required to access these loot boxes in Enter the Gungeon.

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