Enter the Gungeon – Lament Configurum

What does the Lament Configurum do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Lament Configurum is a B-rank active item that spawns 3-5 enemies upon use but will also give you either a gun or an item of B, A, or S rank upon opening the chest.

The Lament Configurum can only be opened after you’ve used the item a couple of times in the Gungeon, and there’s also a 25% chance the Lament Configurum deals damage to you upon spawning a gun or item. This damage also increases in increments of half a heart each time you take damage from the Lament Configurum.

Lastly, the Lament Configurum will give you one point of Curse while holding the item and picking up guns spawned by the item. Your Magnificence stat is also increased by one point by picking up the Lament Configurum.

Is the Lament Configurum a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Lament Configurum is a very good item in Enter the Gungeon despite the damage risk and the additional points of curse it inflicts upon picking up the item and the guns/items it drops upon use.

The guns/items dropped by the Lament Configurum will be well worth the risk as it will not drop items that are less than B-rank, which means you can expect to get a B-rank, A-rank and even an S-rank drop from using the item in-game.

Best Synergy for the Lament Configurum in Enter The Gungeon

The Lament Configurum shares only one Synergy with one passive item in Enter the Gungeon – Heart-Shaped Box.

Heart-Shaped Box

Heart-Shaped Box is a Synergy between the Lament Configurum and the Heart Lunchbox.

This Synergy will cause the Lament Configurum to heal you instead of damage you upon use, effectively making the Lament Configurum less risky to use in the Gungeon.

How to Use the Lament Configurum in Enter The Gungeon?

The only important thing to remember when using the Lament Configurum is the instances that guarantee a gun/item drop. At the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 14th, and 20th uses and so on, you can expect to get a B/A/S-rank item drop from the Lament Configurum.

In addition, the damage that the Lament Configurum inflicts increases every time you are damaged by the item upon use.

If you have the Hearts to tank the damage the Lament Configurum inflicts upon use, use the item as often as you like in-game to spawn B/A/S-rank items.

However, keep in mind that picking up items and guns dropped by the Lament Configurum will give you one point of Curse on top of the Curse penalty it inflicts while holding the Lament Configurum itself.

Magnificence is increased by one point as well, which limits the number of A-rank and S-rank items being acquired in the Gungeon.


Despite the 25% chance of taking damage and gaining at least two points of Curse upon the use of the item, the Lament Configurum guarantees B/A/S-rank item drops in Enter the Gungeon. With the host of powerful guns/items in B-rank and above, this tradeoff might be well worth it.

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