Enter the Gungeon – Clown Mask

What does the Clown Mask do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Clown Mask is a B-rank passive item in Enter the Gungeon that can summon three different clown-masked familiars – Wolf, Hoxton, and Chains. Each familiar will vary in behavior but all three will help you deal with enemies around rooms in the Gungeon.

Is the Clown Mask a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Clown Mask is a very good passive item that can spawn a familiar that will help you clear out rooms more easily in the Gungeon. Whether you end up with Wolf, Hoxton, or Chains, all three will give you valuable additional damage or status effects.

Having the Clown Mask in your inventory also automatically increases the chance of getting the other two PAYDAY 2 promotional items – Drill and Lootbag.

Best Synergy for the Clown Mask in Enter The Gungeon

The Clown Mask only has one Synergy with another item in Enter the Gungeon – Tea for Two with the Teapot.

Tea for Two

If you have the Clown Mask and the Teapot in your inventory, the Tea for Two Synergy between these two items will cause any of the three familiars to have a red aura around them. The red aura will ignite any enemy that comes close to Wolf, Hoxton, or Chains.

How to Use the Clown Mask in Enter The Gungeon?

Since the Clown Mask is a passive item, you don’t have to do anything special to activate and benefit from the item in Enter the Gungeon. In addition, the familiars that the Clown Mask spawns will also function on their own without the need for supervision or guidance.


Having a companion that will fight with you in the Gungeon is always nice and should make room-clearing much more manageable as you go deeper into the Gungeon. With the Clown Mask, you can get Wolf, Hoxton, or Chains, and all three are equally powerful in their own right.

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