Enter the Gungeon – Composite Gun

What does the Composite Gun do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Composite Gun is an S-rank charged gun that features two firing modes and the ability to activate blank effects in Enter the Gungeon.

Charging shots will cause the Composite Gun’s bullet damage to increase from 40 (uncharged) to 100 (charged). In addition, the Composite Gun’s shots will cause a blank effect whenever it hits a wall.

Is the Composite Gun a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Composite Gun is considered by many Enter the Gungeon players to be one of the best, if not the best gun, in Enter the Gungeon.

The Composite Gun deals a high amount of damage despite its two-bullet magazine capacity, and its ability to cause a blank effect whenever its charged bullet hits a wall around the Gungeon is a powerful thing to have.

Best Synergy for the Composite Gun in Enter The Gungeon

The Composite Gun is already powerful as it is, which is why it only shares one Synergy with three other items in Enter the Gungeon – The Line Of Fire.

The Line of Fire

The Line of Fire is a Synergy between the Sunglasses, Pig, or Full Metal Jacket. If you have any of these three items and the Composite Gun in your inventory, The Line of Fire Synergy will cause the Composite Gun’s shots to leave a trail of fire.

How to Use the Composite Gun in Enter The Gungeon?

Even though the Composite Gun allows you to shoot two types of shots, you’ll be better off just spamming its charged shot to activate its blank effect. Not only will this let you deal the most damage (100,) but it will also allow you to clear rooms of most bullets and prevent them from spawning for a brief moment. However, keep in mind that using the charged shot will consume two ammo.

The Composite Gun’s blank effect will allow you to open secret rooms around the Gungeon and is affected by Ammolet effects as well.


Blanks are one of the strongest effects in Enter the Gungeon, and the ability to cause a blank effect every time you fire the Composite Gun’s charged shot makes the gun more powerful despite its high damage output.

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