Enter the Gungeon – Derringer

What does the Derringer do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Derringer is a D-rank gun that shoots two shots per magazine. The Derringer also features a buff that allows you to shoot those two bullets rapidly after dodge rolling.

Other Derringer stats include a 200 max ammo capacity, a 1.25-second reload time, 10 damage, and a 0.07 fire rate. The Derringer also shares two Synergies with one gun and a passive item in Enter the Gungeon.

Is the Derringer a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Derringer is a terrible gun in the context of room-clearing in a bullet hell game like Enter the Gungeon. While the Derringer’s 200 max ammo capacity is decent, the very small magazine capacity of just two bullets makes it very difficult to kill enemies with this gun; even with the dodge roll burst shot.

Best Synergy for the Derringer in Enter The Gungeon

The Derringer shares two Synergies with the Dueling Pistol and the Armor of Thorns – Dead Prez and Torn Bath, ooh!

Dead Prez

The Dead Prez Synergy between the Derringer and the Dueling Pistol will cause the Derringer’s shots to become identical to the Dueling Pistol. On the other hand, the Dead Prez Synergy also adds a wide spread of 4 bullets alongside the Dueling Pistol’s normal shots.

Thorn Bath, ooh!

Thron Bath, ooh! Is a Synergy between the Derringer and the Armor of Thorns. This Synergy will increase the Derringer’s bullet damage by 30% and give the Derringer the ability to periodically shoot thorns toward enemies in the Gungeon.

How to Use the Derringer in Enter The Gungeon?

You can use the Derringer like any other starter pistol in Enter the Gungeon. To deal a quick burst of damage with the Derringer, simply dodge roll, and fire the gun afterward to shoot two bullets in rapid succession.

Unfortunately, the Derringer only carries two bullets per magazine, forcing you to reload after every two shots. The Derringer’s relatively long reload time of 1.25 seconds means you cannot shoot for a while after emptying the gun’s clip. In a fast-paced bullet hell game like Enter the Gungeon, this means you’ll end up a sitting duck very often while you wait for your reload to complete.

The Dead Prez and the Thorn Bath, ooh! Synergies can help make the Derringer more serviceable around the Gungeon. However, on its own, the Derringer is extremely inefficient in clearing rooms and enemies.


The Derringer’s very small magazine size makes it a very bad gun for clearing rooms in Enter the Gungeon. This is a shame since the gun features a unique dodge roll buff that lets you shoot two bullets in rapid succession.

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