Enter The Gungeon – Curse

What does Curse do in Enter The Gungeon?

Curse is a hidden stat that influences enemies, rewards, and bosses in Enter the Gungeon. Curse can be a double-edged sword in Enter the Gungeon, and depending on your goals for your particular Gungeon run, Curse can be a good thing or a bad thing.

For the most part, Curse causes enemies to become more powerful in the Gungeon.

The Jammed & Veterans

With each additional point of Curse you incur in the Gungeon, powerful enemies called the Jammed will start spawning more often around the Gungeon.

The Jammed drop more bronze shells when defeated, deal one heart’s worth of damage, have a scaling max HP relative to the floor’s health scale, move and shoot 50% faster, and have a 33% reduced cooldown. In addition, enemy types that do not deal contact damage will start to deal contact damage if they spawn as The Jammed.

On the other hand, Veteran-type enemies such as the Veteran Bullet Kin and Veteran Shotgun Kin also become a more common sight around the Gungeon as you gain more Curse.

Lastly, Jammed bosses will start to spawn as you get more Curse. Jammed bosses deal more damage and have approximately 1.5x higher HP pool (non-Jammed Boss HP * 1.2 + 100).

How to get Curse in Enter the Gungeon

You can incur Curse points in a number of ways in Enter the Gungeon. Carrying items or weapons can increase Curse. Praying at select Shrines and using some items can also increase Curse in-game.

Items that increase Curse:

  • Big Boy (+1 Curse)
  • Blank Bullets (+1.5 Curse)
  • Blood Brooch (+1 Curse)
  • Bracket Key (+1 Curse)
  • Cursed Bullets (+1 Curse)
  • Elder Blank (+2 Curse)
  • Holey Grail (+1 Curse)
  • Katana Bullets (+1 Curse)
  • Knife Shield (+1 Curse)
  • Lament Configurum (+1 Curse)
  • Scouter (+1 Curse)
  • Shelleton Key (+1 Curse)
  • Sixth Chamber (+2 Curse)
  • Yellow Chamber (+2 Curse)

Weapons that increase Curse:

  • Boxing Glove (+1 Curse)
  • Casey (+2 Curse)
  • Excaliber (+2.5 Curse)
  • Figtsabre (+2 Curse)
  • Huntsman (+1 Curse)
  • Shellegun (+1 Curse)
  • Stone Dome (+1 Curse)
  • Unicorn Horn (+1 Curse)
  • Wood Beam (+1 Curse)
  • Finished Gun (+5 Curse)

Shrines that increase Curse:

  • Ammo Shrine (+3.5 Curse)
  • Angel Shrine (+1.5 Curse)
  • Cursed Dice Shrine (+5 Curse)
  • Hero Shrine (Locks the player to +5 Curse)

Actions that increase Curse:

  • Buying from Cursula (+2.5 Curse)
  • Giving guns to Witches (+2 Curse)
  • Destroying a Mirror and opening its chest (+3.5 Curse)
  • Stealing from Shops (+1 Curse)
  • Talking to the Officer after he dies (Badge) (+2 Curse)
  • Using Spice (+0.5 Curse on first use, +1 Curse for every use thereafter)
  • Transforming into Cormorant (+3 Curse)
  • Acquiring weapons made by Lament Configurum (+1 Curse)
  • Standing beside a cursed pot (+1 Curse)

How to remove Curse in Enter the Gungeon

It is very easy to get Curse in Enter the Gungeon as evidenced by the laundry list of Cursed items, weapons, and Shrines in the game.

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of ways to remove such Curse:

  • Dropping Cursed items/guns.
  • Praying at select Shrines
    • Cleanse Shrine (removes all Curse)
    • Cleansing Dice Shrine (removes up to 10 Curse)

What happens if you get Curse in Enter the Gungeon?

The Good

Having Curse can cause enemies to drop more shells upon death and increase your chances of receiving extra ammo after clearing a room.

If you’re trying to farm as much money as possible in your current Gungeon run, then having a bit of extra Curse might be a good thing, since Jammed enemies drop more shells when defeated.
Despite the enemies becoming a bit more powerful, your chances of getting ammo after clearing a room increase as well, which should help a ton when facing tougher enemies in the succeeding floors.

The Bad

On the other hand, having Curse will cause enemies to gain extra DPS (attack damage + attack speed) and HP, which will make room clearing much more difficult.

In addition, finding a fuse in chests becomes more common, and the chances of receiving rewards from clearing a room can decrease by as much as 85% on the first floor and 80% on succeeding floors.

The worst part about having too much Curse in Enter the Gungeon is the Lord of the Jammed – a reaper-like creature that you cannot kill and will persistently follow you around the Gungeon and attack you with his giant scythe when you reach 10 Curse.

The Lord of The Jammed cannot inflict contact damage, which means you can walk through him around the Gungeon. However, he still fires bullets from eight different directions, which, considering the fact that The Jammed and Veteran enemies spawn more often by now, will make your Gungeon run even more difficult.

Can you get rid of the Lord of the Jammed?

Yes. You can get rid of the Lord of the Jammed in Enter the Gungeon, and it is surprisingly simple as well.

All you need to do is reduce your Curse below 10 points. You can do this by dropping any items/weapons that have Curse or by praying at a Cleanse Shrine or Cleansing Dice Shrine.

However, it is worth noting that simply reducing your Curse to below 10 points will not immediately get rid of the Lord of the Jammed on your current floor. You must complete the current floor and move on to the next floor with less than 10 Curse to get rid of the Lord of the Jammed for good.


Curse offers very little in terms of outright positive effects, while the negative effects that come with Curse are immediately apparent.

Nevertheless, Curse is something that you will have to learn to manage and live with in Enter the Gungeon, as some valuable items and weapons naturally give you Curse the moment you obtain or use them in-game.

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