Enter The Gungeon – Paradox

What is the Paradox in Enter the Gungeon

The Paradox is a Gungeoneer – one of nine playable characters in Enter the Gungeon. The Paradox is a relatively new Gungeoneer that was added in A Farewell to Arms Update.

Unlike other Gungeoneers, The Paradox starts a Gungeon run with a random starting sidearm and a random gun taken from other Gungeoneers. This means The Paradox can start with The Marine’s Marine Sidearm, The Pilot’s Rogue Special, or any of the other Gungeoneer’s starting weapons. In addition, The Paradox also receives a random passive item at the start of every run.

Other than the randomized item loadout, The Paradox receives at the start of every Gungeon run, The Paradox does not offer any other positive advantages in-game.

Unlocking The Paradox is a necessary step in unlocking the Gunslinger in Enter the Gungeon.

How to unlock Paradox in Enter the Gungeon

You can only unlock The Paradox by getting hold of the Bullet That Can Kill The Past and the Gun That Can Kill The Past and killing at least one of the other Gungeoneers’ Past.

After completing a run with any of the other Gungeoneers and killing their Past, start a new run. In this new run, a cosmic rift will begin appearing in a random room on the second, third, and fourth floors of The Gungeon. Walking over and interacting with this cosmic rift will activate a paradox effect in the current Gungeon run.

With the Paradox effect active, all you need to do is complete the run and kill your current character’s Past or defeat the Lich to unlock Paradox. After which, The Paradox should now be a playable character in the Breach.

Can you unlock Paradox in Rainbow Mode?

Yes. Cosmic Rifts can also appear in a Rainbow Run, which means you can unlock Paradox through a Rainbow run as well.

You can obtain both the Bullet That Can Kill The Past and the Gun That Can Kill The Past in Rainbow Mode, and, by extension, kill your current Gungeoneer’s Past.

As explained above, killing either The Convict, The Hunter, The Marine, or The Pilot’s Past will cause a cosmic rift to randomly spawn in the second, third, and fourth floors of the Gungeon in your next run.

Interacting with the cosmic rift will activate the paradox effect in your current Rainbow Run, and killing the Lich or your current Gungeoneer’s Past will unlock The Paradox all the same.


The Paradox is an interesting Gungeoneer who can start Gungeon runs with a random combination of sidearms, secondary guns, and items, which can help make Gungeon runs feel fresh and exciting for veteran players who know what to expect from the other staple Gungeoneers.

The unlocking process for The Paradox can be a bit tedious. However, it is a necessary step in unlocking one of the most powerful Gungeoneers in the game – The Gunslinger.

Fortunately, if you only want to unlock The Paradox and don’t mind the easier game difficulty, you can also permanently unlock The Paradox through a Rainbow run as well.

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