Enter The Gungeon – Tutorial Secret

What is the Halls of Knowledge for in Enter the Gungeon?

The Gungeon is composed of multiple floors known as ‘Chambers’ The Halls of Knowledge, also known as Chamber 0, is the first floor of the Gungeon.

Upon entering the Halls of Knowledge in Enter the Gungeon, you will be greeted by Ser Manuel – an NPC that only appears in the said chamber. Ser Manuel will guide you through the basic controls and gameplay mechanics in Enter the Gungeon.

How do I get to the Halls of Knowledge Gungeon?

To enter the Halls of Knowledge in Enter the Gungeon, simply walk straight up from The Breach after picking your desired Gungeoneer and should find a small entrance with a guard in blue uniform outside. Once you’re inside the Hall of Knowledge, keep moving up and speak to Ser Manuel to start the tutorial.

The Halls of Knowledge is basically Enter the Gungeon’s tutorial mode. Halls of Knowledge is the first room you’ll ever encounter in the game. It is here where Ser Manuel will teach you moves such as dodge rolling, using blanks, and of course, shooting a gun.

Where is the secret room in the tutorial Enter the Gungeon?

The Gungeon is full of secrets. Unfortunately, Ser Manuel will not teach you how to find and access these secrets around the Gungeon.

Nevertheless, upon reaching the final floor in the Halls of Knowledge (by using the teleporter), you’ll find a library area with a cracked wall on the westernmost part of the map. A Bullet Kin and a Shotgun Kin will be on the premises, so you’ll have to defeat these enemies with your Pea Shooter. After defeating both enemies, a Blank will typically drop on the library floor.

If you take a closer look at the walls surrounding the southern part of the library room, you’ll find a peculiar crack on the wall. Use your Blank to open the crack and reveal a new path that leads to another room.

The newly opened entrance leads to a new room, where Ser Manuel’s corpse lies. Around his corpse, you can find his old armor – the Old Knight’s Shield and the Old Knight’s Helm. Pick up these items to unlock them in the Gungeon proper.

Enter the Gungeon Tutorial Secret

After you’ve completed the basic tutorial, you’ll have to face Ser Manuel and get your first taste of boss fights in Enter the Gungeon.

Once you’ve beaten Ser Manuel, he will take notice of the Old Knight’s Shield and Old Knight’s Helm that you have in your inventory and tell you a great story about his old pal Blockner.

Completing the tutorial this way will unlock the Secret Boss ‘Blockner’ in Enter the Gungeon. Look for him in one of the rooms in the third chamber of the Gungeon and exact revenge for your master Ser Manuel.


It’s easy to miss the cracked wall in the library room in the Halls of Knowledge. After all, most players play through the game’s tutorial just for the sake of completing them.

Discovering the tutorial secret will unlock a key lore detail, some items, and a secret boss named Blockner in Enter the Gungeon.

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