Enter The Gungeon – Mirror Room

What is the Mirror Room Gungeon?

The Mirror Room contains a reflective mirror that you can interact with in various ways in Enter the Gungeon.

The Mirror Room will contain a Mirror and an invisible chest that you can only access by perfectly lining up your character and the chest within the Mirror’s reflection.

Interacting with the chest or the Mirror in the Mirror Room will give you additional points of Curse regardless if you get an item from opening the chest or not.

How does the Mirror Work in Enter the Gungeon?

The Mirror is one of many environmental objects found within rooms around the Gungeon.

You can interact with the Mirror in a couple of ways in Enter the Gungeon. Mirrors will always show an unlocked chest, which you can access by keeping your character and the chest’s reflection on the mirror while you interact with the chest.

After opening the chest, the Mirror will shatter and instantly increase your Curse by 3.5. You can also destroy the Mirror by shooting directly at it. However, doing so will also increase your Curse by the same amount and make taking the chest’s contents impossible.

Unfortunately, while all Mirrors will have unlocked chests, not all chests found within the Mirror’s reflection will contain items. It won’t matter whether you manage to get an item or not from the Mirror’s chest, as accessing the chest in any way will give you additional Curse.

How to open the Mirror Chest in Enter the Gungeon?

To open the Mirror’s Chest in Enter the Gungeon, you have to position yourself so that you’re facing the Chest relative to its reflection in the mirror.

Since the Chest is pretty much invisible onscreen apart from its reflection in the Mirror, you will have to let your imagination work to get the correct POV in the Mirror. After which, simply spam the interact button (E on PC, A button on Xbox, or Circle on PlayStation) to try and open the Chest.

If you’ve successfully opened the chest this way, an item should instantly drop in front of your character along with the purple Curse indicator.

However, because not all chests found in the Mirror will contain an item, sometimes all you’ll get after opening the chest is the purple ‘poof’ that tells you you’ve incurred an additional 3.5 Curse from opening the chest.


There’s a good chance you’ll get a decent item from the Mirror Room in Enter the Gungeon. However, you will have to carefully manage the additional 3.5 Curse you incur by interacting with the Mirror. Depending on how many Curse points you’re already carrying, you might or might not get any additional value from opening the chest in the Mirror Room.

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