Enter The Gungeon – Master Round

What does the Master Round do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Master Round is a passive item that players can only acquire by defeating each floor boss without taking any damage in Enter the Gungeon.

Players can collect up to five unique Master Rounds in Enter the Gungeon, and obtaining all five will unlock the Lead God Achievement and Super Hot Watch passive item.

The Master Round gives players an additional heart container upon pick up and features Synergies with two weapons in the game. In addition, Master Rounds function as necessary materials to unlock shortcuts.

Is the Master Round a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

By itself, the Master Round is a good item in Enter the Gungeon, thanks to the additional heart container it provides to the player in-game and the potentially powerful Synergies that it shares with two other weapons in the Gungeon.

How to Get the Master Round in Enter the Gungeon?

Players can only acquire the Master Round in Enter the Gungeon by defeating floor bosses without taking any damage in the process. The Master Round will not appear if the player takes fall damage or any damage from other sources.

Best Synergy for the Master Round in Enter The Gungeon

The Master Round features two unique Synergies in-game – Chief Master and Master’s Chambers.

Chief Master

The Chief Master Synergy between the Master Round and the Alien Sidearm will cause the latter to gain a much larger magazine and change its attacks to become fully automatic rather than charged. However, the last two bullets in the Alien Sidearm’s magazine will still be fully-charged shots.

Note: Players need two Master Rounds to activate this Synergy.

Master’s Chambers

The Chamber Gun is a C-rank gun that changes its appearance and fire modes depending on the floor the player is currently in.

Through the Master’s Chambers Synergy between the Chamber Gun and the Master Rounds, players can permanently unlock the Chamber Gun’s mode for a respective floor. Moving to other floors in the Gungeon will not remove the mode from the Alien Gun.

Players can cycle through the Chamber Gun’s modes by reloading from a full magazine.

How to Use the Master Round in Enter The Gungeon?

The Master Round is a passive item in Enter the Gungeon, which means players only need to have the item in their inventory to reap its effects.

Players can use the Master Round as a simple passive item that grants a heart container or they can be taken to the Tinker and used as a necessary material to unlock shortcuts.

If the player is playing as The Robot, acquiring Master Rounds will give The Robot one piece of armor for every Master Round that is in the player’s inventory.

Alternatively, players might want to keep the Master Round in their inventory if they have either the Alien Gun or the Chamber Gun in their inventory; doing so will activate the Chief Master or Master’s Chambers Synergy, which enhances both weapons’ stats and abilities.


Players can use the Master Round to improve survivability or to activate key Synergies with the Alien Sidearm or the Chamber Gun in Enter the Gungeon, making it a decent passive item in-game.

However, whether the Master Round is worth all the trouble avoiding damage in boss fights is debatable, as the passive item provides minor bonuses to the player and weapons in-game.

Nevertheless, as players gain more experience in dodge rolling or positioning in Enter the Gungeon, acquiring Master Rounds should become much easier for the average player.

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