Enter the Gungeon – Directional Pad

What does the Directional Pad do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Directional Pad is a B-rank gun that looks a lot like the arrow buttons you see on most gaming consoles.

In Enter the Gungeon, the Directional Pad is a gun that fires in two different modes – one mode will fire in four different directions depending on which directional buttons you press before firing, and the other is a grappling hook.

The Directional Pad has max ammo of 120, which, when depleted, will cause the Directional Pad to be destroyed and spawn a chest of any quality.

Is the Directional Pad a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Directional Pad is a good gun in Enter the Gungeon but not for its ability to fire high-damage bullets. Instead, the chest that Directional Pad spawns when it runs out of ammo and self destructs has a high chance of being a rare chest that contains a powerful item/gun.

In addition, the Directional Pad’s second fire mode features a grappling hook that you can use to steal from shops in the Gungeon. The Directional Pad’s value is in its ability to give you a different item of much better quality than itself.

Best Synergy for the Directional Pad in Enter The Gungeon

The Directional Pad features one Synergy with one other gun in Enter the Gungeon – Wrath Of The Blam.

Wrath Of The Blam

If you have the Tear Jerker and the Directional Pad in your inventory at the same time, the Wrath Of The Blam Synergy will become active.

This Synergy will replace Tear Jerker’s bullets with a crying bullet that deals bonus damage but can only be fired in North, East, South, and West directons.

How to Use the Directional Pad in Enter The Gungeon?

To access the Directional Pad’s first firing mode, you have to press down, right, then fire. This will cause the gun to fire fireballs that deal 45 damage.

On the other hand, you can use the Directional Pad’s grappling hook by pressing left, left, then fire. Of course, the Directional Pad features a normal firing mode that does not require a button press combination.

It is not recommended to refill the Directional Pad’s ammo. This way, you can access the chest that spawns after the gun runs out of ammo. Hopefully, you can get a powerful item/gun that can help with the rest of your Gungeon run.


The Directional Pad is a reference-heavy gun that features button combinations for Ryu’s Hadouken in Street Fighter and Scorpion’s grappling hook as seen in Mortal Kombat.

On its own, the Directional Gun is a serviceable gun that deals decent damage when in fireball mode. The grappling hook firing mode isn’t too bad either, and you can use it to try and steal items from the shopkeeper in the Gungeon. The Directional Pad’s Synergy with the Tear Jerker is very good as well, easily doubling the gun’s damage output in-game.

Overall, having the Directional Pad in your inventory is a win-win. As soon as you deplete its ammo, you will be rewarded with a random chest that might contain valuable items.

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