Enter the Gungeon – Cursed Bullets

What does the Cursed Bullets do in Enter The Gungeon?

Cursed Bullets is a C-rank passive item that falls under the bullet upgrade family of items in Enter the Gungeon. Cursed Bullets is a nifty item that can turn your bad luck around the Gungeon.

Cursed Bullets will increase your damage by 10% for every point of Curse you currently have. By extension, having the item in your inventory also increases your Curse by 1 point, which means you get 10% bonus damage just by picking up the Cursed Bullets in-game.

Bonus damage caps out at 100%, which means you need to get 10 Curse to get the bonus 100% damage buff. However, despite the high potential bonus damage on paper, Cursed Bullets will only work optimally with a certain number of Curse.

Is the Cursed Bullets a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

Cursed Bullets is a very good item in Enter the Gungeon that can convert your Curse into bonus damage.

If you didn’t know yet, having too much Curse will cause more powerful enemies called The Jammed to spawn more frequently around the Gungeon. Cursed Bullets can counter the higher HP Jammed enemies with the 10% bonus damage buff for every point of Curse you incur in the Gungeon.

Best Synergy for the Cursed Bullets in Enter The Gungeon

The Cursed Bullets has three Synergies that it shares with two guns and one item in the Gungeon – Blessing and a Curse, Kailber k’pow uboom k’bhang, and Noxin Cannon.

Blessing and a Curse

Blessing and a Curse is a Synergy between the Silver Bullets and the Cursed Bullets in Enter the Gungeon.

Blessing and a Curse will provide an additional 0.0025 damage (0.25%) buff for every Jammed enemy you kill in the Gungeon.

Kaliber k’pow uboom k’bhang

The High Kaliber and the Cursed Bullets can combine to activate the Kailber k’pow uboom k’bhang Synergy in Enter the Gungeon.

With the Kailber k’pow uboom k’bhang Synergy, the soul spawned by High Kaliber will move towards the player first before moving away.

Noxin Cannon

The Luxin Cannon and the Cursed Bullets combined will activate a Synergy called Noxin Cannon. With Noxin Cannon, the Luxin Cannon will deal 25% more damage with its laser.

How to Use the Cursed Bullets in Enter The Gungeon?

Cursed Bullets is a passive item in Enter the Gungeon. Having the item in your inventory is enough to reap its benefits. However, you need to manage the amount of Curse you incur to maximize the benefits of this time.

Having Curse is not such a bad thing if you have the Cursed Bullets in your inventory, as the additional HP that Jammed enemies possess will be negated by the bonus damage you gain from the item. To a point, that is.

There is a point of diminishing returns for the Cursed Bullets in Enter the Gungeon. This is because a higher Curse also increases Jammed enemies’ HP by a significant amount. For example, having 10 Curse will give you 100% bonus damage, but give Jammed enemies an additional 100% HP. Jammed enemies will spawn more frequently as well, which can make room clearing a nightmare.

Having 6 Curse will strike a nice balance between bonus damage, Jammed HP, and Jammed spawn numbers. You get approximately 45% bonus damage regardless of the additional HP Jammed enemies have at Curse 6.


Overall, the Cursed Bullets bullet upgrade is a good pickup in any Gungeon run. It provides decent damage for every point of Curse you incur, which can help a ton when dealing with enemies in the Gungeon. Of course, as mentioned above, try to keep your Curse at 6 to maximize the bonus damage potential of the Cursed Bullets.

Curse is difficult to avoid in the Gungeon since you will be engaging in activities that inflict Curse one way or another (stealing from shops, for example.) Some items also instantly give you Curse just by picking them up. The key is to manage Curse or find a way to negate its effects.

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