Enter the Gungeon – Drum Clip

What does the Drum Clip do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Drum Clip is a B-rank passive item in Enter the Gungeon that automatically increases the magazine size of all weapons by 50%.

The Drum Clip, however, will not work on guns that only have one round each, as the Drum Clip automatically rounds down on every gun’s default magazine size.

With that said, the Drum Clip can also combine with seven other items/guns in Enter the Gungeon through Synergies to further enhance each item/gun’s effects in-game.

Is the Drum Clip a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

Most guns in Enter the Gungeon feature a pretty limited clip size relative to their fire rate, which makes the Drum Clip’s 50% additional magazine size a godsend for any Gungeon run.

Having all that extra ammo between reloads can help you avoid sticky situations and help keep your DPS numbers up around the Gungeon.

Aside from the instant magazine size boost, the Drum Clip can also Synergize with a number of other items/guns to help increase their effectiveness in-game.

Best Synergy for the Drum Clip in Enter The Gungeon

The Drum Clip features seven Synergies with other items/guns in Enter the Gungeon – Alternative Rock, Dr Worm, Hegemony Special Forces, Keeping The Beat, M1 Multi-Tool, Not Quite As Mini, and Magazine Clips.

Alternative Rock

With the Face Melter and the Drum Clip in your inventory, the Alternative Rock Synergy become active.

Alternative Rock will alter Face Melter’s bullets, causing it to fire two parallel columns of notes as opposed to the normal four streams that spread out by 90 degrees each. This helps make the Face Melter a lot more accurate and predictable in terms of aim.

In addition, the Alternative Rock Synergy gives the Face Melter a reload effect that will fire out a guitar pick that can stun enemies.

Dr Worm

The Dr Worm Synergy between the Drum Clip and the Heck Blaster will cause the latter to automatically replenish its ammo over time.

Hegemony Special Forces

The Drum Clip and Hegemony Rifle can combine to activate the Hegemony Special Forces Synergy, which alters the Hegemony Rifles bullets turning them from blue spread-out shots into piercing lasers.

Keeping The Beat

The Keeping The Beat Synergy between the Drum Clip and the Metronome will increase the latter’s damage bonus per kill from +2% to +4%. The damage cap is also increased by 100 from +150% to +250%.

M1 Multi-Tool

If you happen to have both the M1 and the Drum Clip in your inventory, the M1 Multi-Tool Synergy between these two items will give the M1 a faster reload speed, larger magazine size, and max ammo.

This Synergy also increases your Gungeoneer’s movement speed while the M1 is equipped.

Not Quite As Mini

The Not Quite As Mini Synergy between the Drum Clip and the Vulcan Cannon will cause the latter to gain increased maximum ammo (100) and fire rate.

Magazine Clips

If you have both the Drum Clip and the Magazine Rack, the Magazine Clips Synergy will cause the Magazine Rack to double its radius, giving you a much spacier infinite ammo pool.

How to Use the Drum Clip in Enter The Gungeon?

You don’t have to do anything special to reap the benefits of the Drum Clip in Enter the Gungeon. If you have the Drum Clip in your inventory, all guns you pick up (except guns that only have one round each) will gain 50% increased magazine size automatically.

If you come across another Drump Clip in the Gungeon, you can further increase all your guns’ magazine sizes by another 50%.


More bullets per magazine are always nice to have in Enter the Gungeon, as it allows you to keep shooting at enemies much longer between reloads. (Which makes you vulnerable, even if briefly.)

When combined with the other items/guns it shares a Synergy with, the Drum Clip can enhance each item/gun’s effects further, making it a great item to have at any stage in the Gungeon.

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