Enter the Gungeon – Elder Blank

What does the Elder Blank do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Elder Blank is a B-rank active item that activates a blank upon use. However, holding the item increases your Curse by 2 points as well.

Unlike Blank pickups, the Elder Blank gives you a reusable Blank in the Gungeon. Of course, you need to deal a set amount of damage to enemies in the Gungeon first to reset its cooldown, but this is a small price to pay for the ability to use Blanks multiple times in one run.

Is the Elder Blank a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Elder Blank is a very good item in Enter the Gungeon and one that gives you a reliable Blank effect throughout your Gungeon run. However, picking up and holding it will increase your Curse by 2 points.

Activating a Blank will clear the room of all bullets and prevent them from spawning for a short time. On top of its bullet-clearing capabilities, Blanks also deal 10 damage and knock back enemies away from your Gungeoneer. You can use the Elder Blank to save yourself when things get too hectic in the Gungeon.

Best Synergy for the Elder Blank in Enter The Gungeon

The Elder Blank shares three Synergies with several other items in the Gungeon – Blank Generation, Bullet Kiln, and Elder Blank Bullets.

Blank Generation

Blank Generation is a Synergy between the Blank Companion’s Ring and the Elder Blank. This Synergy will turn the Blank Companion’s Ring into a smaller version of Old Red and cause it to fire a second blank automatically after Elder Blank’s effect ends.

Bullet Kiln

The Kiln/Luxin Cannon and Elder Blank will create a Glass Guon Stone upon use. This Synergy works even when you’re holding either The Kiln or the Luxin Cannon. You can summon up to four Glass Guon Stones at a time.

Elder Blank Bullets

If you have the Blank Bullets and the Elder Blank in your inventory, the Elder Blank Bullets Synergy between these two items will become active.

Elder Blank Bullets will cause Blank Bullets to reflect all projectiles away from your Gungeoneer instead of disappearing altogether.

How to Use the Elder Blank in Enter The Gungeon?

You need to put the Elder Blank in your active item slot and activate it with your assigned button if you want to use the item in-game. Activating the Eder Blank will produce a full Blank effect that will clear the room of all bullets and prevent new ones from spawning for a short period.

You can think of the Elder Blank as just a rechargeable Blank pickup that can be reused when the required damage is met. Below is a list of the amount of damage you need to deal on each floor to recharge the Elder Blank:

  1. First Floor – 300 Damage
  2. Oubliette – 399.99 Damage
  3. Second Floor – 390 Damage
  4. Abbey of the True Gun – 499.98 Damage
  5. Third Floor – 480 Damage
  6. Fourth Floor – 555 Damage
  7. Fifth and Sixth Floor – 630 Damage

To put things into perspective, you need to land around 60 shots with any of the starter guns to recharge the Elder Blank on the first floor. Of course, as you acquire more powerful guns, you will be able to deal more damage and recharge the Elder Blank faster.

Like normal Blanks, the Elder Blank can also be used to reveal the entrances to Secret Rooms.


Blanks are some of the most valuable effects in Enter the Gungeon. Blanks can clear a room’s worth of bullets and prevent them from spawning for a brief moment afterward. You can also use Blanks to reveal secret rooms, deal minor damage, and knock enemies back away from your Gungeoneer.

Having a rechargeable Blank in the Elder Blank will give you the ability to use Blanks more often, which can come in handy when things get too chaotic in the Gungeon.

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