Enter the Gungeon – Guide to Unlocking Shortcuts

What are the Shortcuts in Enter the Gungeon?

As the name suggests, Shortcuts in Enter the Gungeon are passageways that allow you to skip floors and start your run on a higher floor. These shortcuts aren’t available right from the start of the game. Instead, the player must complete quests for a certain NPC to unlock these shortcuts.

How to unlock Shortcuts in Enter the Gungeon?

To unlock shortcuts in Enter the Gungeon, you first have to talk to the Tailor the Tinker. You will meet the Tailor the Tinker in The Breach for the first time. After which, he will begin appearing in elevator shafts on most floors.

Elevator shafts are holes left behind by the elevator when it leaves the current floor. You can expose these shafts by moving away from the elevator and waiting for it to disappear. Drop down into the elevator shaft to find the Tailor the Tinker.

The Tailor the Tinker will give you a series of quests and require you to bring specific items to him before he unlocks a corresponding shortcut. See the list of shortcuts and their unlock requirements in the section below.

List of Shortcuts and their unlock requirements

There are five shortcuts you can unlock in Enter the Gungeon. By completing specific tasks and retrieving requirements given by Tailor the Tinker, you can unlock these shortcuts one by one. Talking to Tailor the Tinker after unlocking a new shortcut will result in an item/gun reward.

Note: All materials listed below can be given to Tailor the Tinker over multiple runs. You do not need to collect all 4 sets of requirements in a single run.

  • Elevator Floor 2
    • 3 Blanks
    • 3 Keys and 120 Bronze Shells
    • 10 Hegemony Credits
    • Master Round I
  • Elevator Floor 3
    • 3 Armor (6 when playing as The Robot)
    • 4 Keys and 180 Bronze Shells
    • 15 Hegemony Credits
    • Master Round II
  • Elevator Floor 4
    • 4 Junk
    • 5 Keys and 240 Bronze Shells
    • 20 Hegemony Credits
    • Master Round III
  • Elevator Floor 5
    • 6 heart containers (must be full)
    • 6 Keys and 300 Bronze Shells
    • 25 Hegemony Credits
    • Master Round IV
  • Boss Rush
    • Unlock all elevator quests.

How to Use Shortcuts in Enter the Gungeon

After you’ve unlocked a shortcut, enter the elevator room in the bottom right part of the Breach and use the buttons to select the floor you want to skip to.

If you skip to the third floor or higher, you will be met by the Resourceful Rat wearing a Bello disguise in the elevator entrance room of your chosen floor. Depending on which floor you skipped to, the Resourceful Rat will give you up to three guns to compensate for all the loot you missed on the skipped floors.

  • Gungeon Proper – 1 D-rank gun
  • Black Powder Mine – 1 C-rank gun
  • Hollow – a choice from 2 B-rank guns
  • Forge – take all 3 B-rank guns

Rewards for unlocking shortcuts in Enter the Gungeon

After completing each shortcut, talk to Tailor the Tinker again in the Breach to claim the corresponding shortcut rewards:

Elevator Floor 2 – Gunboots

The Gunboots is a C-rank passive item that will give you the ability to fire five bullets behind you after you dodge roll. The Gunboots bullets deal 8 damage.

Gunboots will also increase your Gungeoneer’s movement speed by 14%.

Elevator Floor 3 – R2G2

R2G2 is an S-rank passive item that will summon a robot companion that will follow you around the Gungeon. The summoned robot will fire a burst of six bullets on any enemy that enters its range.

Elevator Floor 4 – Gungine

Gungine is an S-rank automatic gun that instantly increases your movement speed by 2.25 while held. The Gungine features a large magazine pool that can carry 100 bullets and is supported by an equally impressive max ammo capacity of 800.

The Gungine’s trick up its sleeve is its ability to replenish missing ammo in its magazine by reloading while standing on liquid pools such as water, oil, fire, poison, and red liquid from Blobulons. You are also immune to fire damage while holding the Gungine.

Elevator Floor 5 – AKEY-47/Boss Rush

The AKEY-47 is an S-rank automatic gun that fires keys instead of bullets. You can use the ammo fired by the AKEY-47 to unlock chests and doors around the Gungeon. You can also open chests and doors by interacting with them while the AKEY-47 is equipped.

Unlocking Elevator Floor 5 will unlock a new game mode called Boss Rush, where you will find a floor with nothing but an entrance, a boss room, and an exit. There is no DPS cap in this game mode, and defeating bosses in this mode will give you the same rewards you would get if you beat the same boss normally in the Gungeon


Gaining access to shortcuts can shorten your Gungeon run, speed up the acquisition of specific loot around the Gungeon, simplify the completion of the Gungeoneers’ pasts, and unlock powerful S-rank guns such as the Gungine and the AKEY-47.

Complete the requirements for each floor and bring them to Tailor the Tinker to unlock shortcuts and their corresponding rewards in Enter the Gungeon.

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