Enter the Gungeon – Grasschopper

What does the Grasschopper do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Grasschopper is an A-rank gun semiautomatic gun that fires projectiles that explode on contact, knocks enemies back, and destroys bullets upon contact.

The resulting blasts from the Grasschopper can inflict strong knockbacks on enemies thanks to its exploding bullets. These explosions can also delete bullets around their blast radius similar to Blanks, but they cannot be used to open secret rooms or trigger Ammolets as real Blanks can.

Is the Grasschopper a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Grasschopper is not a very good gun in Enter the Gungeon. Despite being an A-rank gun, the Grasschopper only deals a maximum of 20 DPS (40 damage per bullet) and features a very small max ammo size of just 30 bullets.

To be fair, the Grasschopper has the powerful ability to delete bullets like a mini blank and inflict heavy knockback on enemies, but its small max ammo size means you can only really fire one shot every 2 seconds with this gun up to thirty times before the gun is completely out of ammo, making it a very bad room-clearer around the Gungeon.

Best Synergy for the Grasschopper in Enter The Gungeon

The Grasschopper shares just one Synergy with one other item in Enter the Gungeon – To Serve Android.

To Serve Android

To Serve Android is a Synergy between the Grasschopper and the Badge. This Synergy will turn the Badge’s police offer into an invincible robot.

How to Use the Grasschopper in Enter The Gungeon?

You can use the Grasschopper like any other semiautomatic pistol in Enter the Gungeon. You do not have to do anything special to activate the gun’s knockback and mini blank effect as it automatically triggers as soon as the bullet projectiles land on enemies.

You have to be very intentional with your shots when using the Grasshopper because of its tiny max ammo capacity. Use the gun whenever you find yourself stuck in a difficult position and surrounded by enemies in the Gungeon. The knockback effect should push away enemies far enough to give yourself a quick breather.


Enter the Gungeon is a bullet hell game where rooms are filled with enemies and bullets. Your goal is to clear rooms around the Gungeon and progress to the latter floors all while taking as little damage along the way.

Having a reliable gun that deals decent damage and has a respectable amount of ammo can help a ton with room clearing around the Gungeon. And while the Grasschopper is a cool reference to Men in Black’s Noisy Cricket, the gun has too little ammo and deals too minor damage to be useful around the Gungeon.

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