Enter the Gungeon – Singularity

What does the Singularity do in Enter The Gungeon?

Singularity is a C-rank active item that gives you the ability to spawn a black hole in the Gungeon. The black hole will suck in enemies and bullets, dealing damage to the former and destroying the latter.

The Singularity’s black hole cannot suck Bosses in and it also consumes Hegemnory Credits within its area of effect.

Is the Singularity a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Singularity is a very good active item in Enter the Gungeon. Having the ability to deal heavy damage to enemies and delete bullets is a valuable thing to have around the Gungeon.

You can use Singularity’s black hole whenever you’re in a pinch to delete incoming bullets. The black hole’s damage can be very powerful against bosses as well.

Best Synergy for the Singularity in Enter The Gungeon

Singularity shares two Synergies with other three items and a gun in Enter the Gungeon – Hellhole and Outer Limits.


Hellhole is a Synergy between the Yellow Chamber/Sixth Chamber/Holey Grail and Singularity.

The Hellhole Synergy will spawn a hell portal that sucks enemies and deals high damage to all affected enemies.

Outer Limits

If you have the Singularity and the M. Accretion Jr. in your inventory, the Outer Limits Synergy will become active.

Mr. Accretion Jr. will Synergize with Singularity’s black hole by firing three planets into the active black hole. The resulting fission reaction will cause the black hole to explode and deal 100 damage to all enemies in the room.

How to Use the Singularity in Enter The Gungeon?

Place the Singularity in your active item slot, then press your active item keybind to spawn a small black hole in front of your Gungeoneer. This black hole will automatically suck in bullets and eliminate them from the room like a pseudo Blank. Enemies sucked in by the black hole will also take damage.

One cool trick you can try is to spawn the black hole behind Bosses that do not move much during the boss fight such as the Old King. Doing so will cause your bullets to automatically fly towards the boss on their way towards your black hole.This way, you can easily deal a ton of damage to Bosses from a safe range. On the other hand, the Boss’ bullets will automatically be sucked into the black hole, effectively deleting it from the room even before they could fly out into the open.


The Singularity is a very good C-rank active item that you can use like a pseudo Blank in Enter the Gungeon. Rooms can get very chaotic very quickly in the Gungeon so having the ability to clear the room of bullets is always nice to have.

Singularity can become more powerful when paired with specific items in the Gungeon. The Outer Limits Synergy is particularly strong because of the 100 damage it deals to all enemies in the room.

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