Enter the Gungeon – Shrines Guide

What do the Shrines do in Gungeon?

Shrines are special statues that provide buffs, bonuses, or items to your Gungeoneer in Enter the Gungeon. Shrines do not have a set location in the Gungeon and can appear randomly on floors 1 to 5 in the Gungeon. The type of Shrine that spawns is random as well. 

As of the A Farewell To Arms update, you can find up to 14 unique Shrines in the Gungeon. We have listed all the Shrine types and their functions in the section below.

Types of Shrines in Enter the Gungeon

There are 14 unique shrines in Enter the Gungeon. Each Shrine provides varying bonuses and effects when interacted with.

Ammo Shrine

As its name suggests, the Ammo Shrine will refill the ammo for all your weapons. However, this comes at the cost of increasing your Curse by 3.5.

Angel Shrine

The Angel shrine is arguably one of the best shrines in Enter the Gungeon, thanks to the powerful damage buff it provides.

Interacting with the Angel Shrine will give you 25% increased damage in exchange for one heart container and an additional 1.5 Curse.

Beholster Shrine

The Beholster Shrine is a Shrine that looks a lot like one of the bosses in Enter the Gungeon – The Beholster.

Beholster Shrine will give you the “Behold!” Synergy, spawning multiple guns that orbit around your Gungeoneer like the Beholster itself. The orbiting guns will automatically shoot at enemies and use up ammo individually.

To get the Behold! Synergy, you need to offer a Com4nd0, M1911, Void Marshall, Eye of the Beholster, and the Trank Gun at the Beholster Shrine. You can offer each of the guns above through multiple Gungeon runs.

Blank Shrine

There’s a 90% chance a Chest will spawn when you use a Blank near the Blank Shrine. You can use Blanks multiple times to get more Chests, but the chest drop rate decreases by 45% after every successful chest drop.

Blood Shrine

Activating the Blood Shrine will remove one heart container in exchange for a buff that lets you deal heavy damage to enemies while standing beside them. Occasionally, you will also receive healing from dealing damage to enemies with the Blood Shrine buff active.

The Blood Shrine is especially useful when playing as The Bullet, as The Bullet’s Live Ammo passive item gives you the contact immunity you need to take advantage of the proximity damage the Blood Shrine provides.

Challenge Shrine

The Challenge Shrine will spawn three waves of enemies. If you can clear each wave without dying, you will get a chest as a reward.

It is recommended that you take on the Challenge Shrine as soon as you find it in one of the rooms in the Gungeon. Otherwise, the Challenge Shrine might disappear to another room.

Cleanse Shrine

If you’re running high on Curse in the Gungeon, the Cleanse Shrine can help you remove excess Curse points. The Cleanse Shrine will only charge you 5 Bronze Shells to remove 1 point of Curse, making it a great way of reducing your Curse in the Gungeon.

Companion Shrine

The Companion Shrine, as the name suggests, will spawn a companion that will fight alongside you in the Gungeon. You can get multiple companions from the Companion Shrine, which will cost you one heart container for every companion spawned.

You can unlock Turkey by using the Companion Shrine twice in the same save file.

Dice Shrine

The Dice Shrine is an RNG-based Shrine that provides a random pair of Good and Bad Effects.

Good Effects

  • Renewed – Restores a random amount of health.
  • Bolstered – Grants 1-2 heart containers.
  • Paid – Grants 20-99 Money.
  • Cleansed – Removes up to 10 Curse.
  • Blanked – Grants 1-10 blanks.
  • Gift – Grants a chest.
  • Reloaded – Refills ammo for all guns or increases ammo capacity by 125%.
  • Hasted – Increases movement speed.
  • Shielded – Grants 1-3 armor.

Bad Effects

  • Pained – Damages the player for 1-2 hearts.
  • Enfeebled – Removes a  heart container.
  • Robbed – Removes 25-100% money.
  • Cursed – Increases Curse by 5.
  • De-Blanked – Removes a random amount of blanks.
  • Disarmed – Removes the currently held weapon.
  • Limited – Decreases ammo capacity by 30% (Currently wielded weapons keeps excess ammo until switched)
  • Unsteady – Increases reload time by 35%.
  • Priceless – No negative effect.

It is worth noting that heart-based effects will not affect The Robot (Renewed, Bolstered, Enfeebled) and that there is a 0.01% chance the shrine will explode and push you away, reducing your heart containers to 1 but increasing your damage output by 4x.

If you do not have a cell key to unlock Daisuke, you can just use the Dice Shrine three times to unlock the NPC.

Glass Shrine

Upon use, the Glass Shrine will give you three Glass Guon Stones that will orbit your Gungeoneer and block enemy bullets upon contact. However, the Glass Guon Stones will also break upon contact.

Hero Shrine

Using the Hero Shrine will set your Curse to 9 instantly. Having 9 Curse means that Jammed Enemies have a 25% increased chance of spawning, while bosses have a 30% chance of being Jammed. You cannot use the Hero Shrine if your Curse is already at 9 points of Curse or above.

Junk Shrine

You can use the Junk Shrine to swap Junk for a piece of Armor. You can use the Junk Shrine multiple times to exchange pieces of Junk for pieces of armor.

Peace Shrine

The Peace Shrine will let you exchange your currently held weapon for one heart.

Y.V. Shrine

The Y.V. Shrine will give your weapon the ability to fire 2-4 times while using zero extra ammo. You can improve the chance for this effect to trigger by using the Y.V. Shrine multiple times. The first use costs 10 Bronze Shells and increases by 10 Bronze Shells for every use instance after the first one.

How to find Shrines in Enter the Gungeon?

Shrine Rooms will have a glowing green lantern outside the room entrance. You can enter the Shrine Room like any other room in the Gungeon, and you do not need keys or Blanks to open Shrine Rooms.

To use the Shrine, simply interact with the statue and provide whatever it is that the Shrine requires to collect the bonuses it provides.

Best Shrine in Enter the Gungeon

The Peace Shrine, Junk Shrine, and Angel Shrine stand out as the most valuable Shrines in Enter the Gungeon.

The Peace Shrine can give you a full heart’s worth of healing in exchange for your currently held gun. You will likely pick up a useless gun or two early in your run, making the Peace Shrine’s cost a no-brainer if you’re ever in need of healing later in your run.

On the other hand, the Angel Shrine will take 1 heart container and give you 1.5 points of Curse in exchange for 25% more damage. More experienced players who can preserve their health in the Gungeon can take advantage of the improved firepower to make short work of most enemies in the Gungeon.

The Junk Shrine is the least crippling Shrine in the Gungeon, as it lets you exchange Junk for armor. Of course, reconsider using the Junk Shrine if you’re playing The Robot or have Ser Junkan as a companion in your current run.

With that said, most Shrines in Enter the Gungeon are a pick-your-poison affair where you need to sacrifice something valuable to get something else in return (Like the Peace Shrine, for example) It’s up to you to decide whether the sacrifice is worth the payoff.

Nevertheless, considering the rarity of Shrines in general, the best shrine is often going to be the Shrine you manage to find in the Gungeon.


Shrines can add an interesting dynamic to your Gungeon runs thanks to their varied effects. Unfortunately, Shrines are too rare to be a vital part of any Gungeon run, making them a novelty rather than a reliable source of buffs, items, or effects in Enter the Gungeon.

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