Enter the Gungeon – Glocktopus

What is Glocktopus in Enter The Gungeon?

The Glocktopus is an optional final boss in Enter the Gungeon’s sequel – Exit the Gungeon. True to its name, the Glocktopus is an octopus that wields multiple Glock pistols. The Glocktopus is also considered Exit the Gungeon’s final boss.

The Whisper Gem and Super Space Turtle will drop from the Glocktopus after it is defeated. A special hat will drop for every Gungeoneer you defeat the Glocktopus with.

How to get to the Glocktopus in Gungeon?

You need to exit the Gungeon two times using two different Gungeoneers to unlock the Glocktopus fight in-game. After which, the shop in the Keep of the Lead Lord will feature a bounty notice and a bait worm that you can purchase for 200 Bronze Shells.

If you purchase the Bait Worm, defeating The Last Dragun will cause the pile of gundead corpses along the left of the Exterior area to be cleared. Walk towards this location and you will encounter the Super Space Turtle on a jet ski. Board the jetski and the Super Space Turtle will drive you towards to Glocktopus fight in a cave under the Gungeon.

Glocktopus Fight Stages

There are two stages to the Glocktopus fight – the special jetski fight and the arena fight.

Jetski Encounter

The Glocktopus will first appear above your head while you’re on the jet ski. The general controls will be slightly different because of this.

Since the Glocktopus is hovering above your head, your dodge roll will be replaced with a charged jump that will cause the jetski to sink in the water before jumping, granting you invulnerability briefly. Keep in mind that the Glocktopus’ bullets will still deal damage to you even if you’re underwater.

The Glocktopus will routinely slam its head on the water to create waves of bullets, send a giant wave of fish, shoot triangle and ring bullets from its mouth, shoot homing bullets in a wave pattern, and fire a powerful beam that will cause the water to become harmful.

Arena Battle

After the jet ski battle, the fight with the Glocktopus will proceed to a more traditional arena battle on three elevated platforms.

In the second stage, the Glocktopus will occasionally suck the air around the arena, affecting your movement and slowing down bullets in all directions. The Glocktopus will also use its free tentacle in an attempt to slam you to the ground.

At one point in the second stage of the Glocktopus fight, the Glocktopus will escape the arena where only its eye will be visible through a crack on the wall. Be careful, as the Glocktopus’ tentacles will pierce through the ground, causing the ground to explode and emit an expanding ring of red bullets.

Other Glocktopus moves you can expect from the fight include:

  • Boulders drop from the ceiling that explodes as soon as they make contact with the floor. The resulting debris will cause damage.
  • The Glocktopus’ six Glocks fire in all directions while it charges a ray attack.
  • Vertical rows of bullets move in a wave-like pattern from the ceiling. 
  • Big red bullets fired from all directions.
  • Rings of smaller bullets followed by proton-shaped bullets.
  • Skull-shaped bullets.


Despite being an optional final boss in Exit the Gungeon, the Glocktopus fight is considered the final challenge of the game that you can only access after you have beaten The Last Dragun and purchased the Bait Worm from the shop.

The Glocktopus fight is a two-phase battle that features unique boss move sets that make this final battle a bit more challenging yet very rewarding in Exit the Gungeon.

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