Enter the Gungeon – Green Guon Stone

What does the Green Guon Stone do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Green Guon Stone is a powerful A-rank passive item that belongs to the Guon Stone orbital items in Enter the Gungeon. Guon Stones are passive items that give you an orbiting stone that automatically blocks incoming bullets on contact along with other buffs/effects.

As a part of the Guon Stone category of items, the Green Guon Stone will also automatically block incoming bullets upon contact and add a 20% chance to heal whenever you take damage. If the incoming damage has enough juice to kill you in one shot, the healing chance increases to 50%.

Is the Green Guon Stone a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Green Guon Stone is one of the more powerful Guon Stones in Enter the Gungeon that gives you a chance to heal back damage you take in the Gungeon. It is definitely one of the more defense-centric items in the game as not only does it provide a chance to heal upon taking damage, but also gives you an orbiting orb that blocks enemy bullets on contact.

In addition, the Green Guon Stone can help enhance a few other guns/items in Enter the Gungeon through Synergies.

Best Synergy for the Green Guon Stone in Enter The Gungeon

There are two Synergies for the Green Guon Stone in Enter the Gungeon – Greener Guon Stone and Tile Match.

Greener Guon Stone

If you have the +1 Bullets/Pea Shooter/Amulet of the Pit Lord and the Green Guon Stone in your inventory, the Greener Guon Stone Synergy will become active.

The Greener Guon Stone Synergy will increase the size of the orbiting Guon Stone, improve its distance calibration when moving in different directions, and increase the Green Guon Stone’s chance to heal the damage that would cause death from 50% to 70%. In addition, each time you get a heal from the Green Guon Stone, you also receive a bonus of 20 Bronze Shells.

Tile Match

The Tile Match Synergy will become active if you have the Tetrominator and the Green Guon Stone in your inventory.

Tile match will cause the Green Guon Stone to occasionally shoot an S Tetromino whenever you shoot with the Tetrominator.

How to Use the Green Guon Stone in Enter The Gungeon?

The Green Guon Stone is a passive item in Enter the Gungeon, which means that you only need to keep the item in your inventory to activate its effects.

One thing that requires conscious effort from the Green Guon Stone is its orbital bullet-blocking capability, which requires intentional positioning to take advantage of. Unfortunately, there is a slight delay in all Guon Stones’ orbiting distance whenever you move around or switch directions in the Gungeon, which can make this mechanic a hit or miss. The Greener Guon Stone Synergy will help immensely with this. 

Lastly, the Green Guon Stone’s heal effect will not work on The Robot as this Gungeoneer does not have HP to begin with.


You can’t go wrong with the Green Guon Stone in Enter the Gungeon. The A-rank passive item provides a serviceable bullet-blocking effect on contact and adds a chance to get a valuable passive heal whenever you take damage from enemies in the Gungeon.

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