Enter the Gungeon – Gunslinger

What does Gunslinger do in Enter the Gungeon?

The Gunslinger is Synergy-centric Gungeoneer that was added in the final update for Enter the Gungeon. You need seven Hegemony credits to play the Gunslinger after you’ve unlocked him in-game.

Like most Gungeoneers in Enter the Gungeon, their starter loadout dictates how good or bad the character is at any stage of a Gungeon run. With the most accurate gun in the game in Slinger and a powerful Synergy-activating passive item in the Lich’s Eye Bullets in Gunslinger’s hands, he is without a doubt one of the most powerful Gungeoneers in Enter the Gungeon.

Is Gunslinger good Gungeon?

The Gunslinger is arguably the most powerful Gungeoneer in Enter the Gungeon, thanks to his Slinger and Lich’s Eye Bullets starter weapon/item.

Lich’s Eye Bullets is the highlight of using the Gunslinger in Enter the Gungeon – giving Gunslinger the ability to activate any weapon’s Synergy. This means that the Gunslinger can make every gun he touches in the Gungeon much stronger regardless of its rank.

How to unlock Gunslinger in Enter the Gungeon?

The Gunslinger can only be unlocked by defeating The Lich as The Paradox. After successfully defeating the Lich with The Paradox, a new Gungeon run will immediately start, only this time, you’ll be using the Gunslinger instead. To permanently unlock Gunslinger, do the following:

  • Complete the Gunslinger run.
  • Kill the Dragun.
  • Go to Gunslinger’s past (Shoot Gunslinger with The Gun That Can Kill The Past; takes you to Bullet Hell)
  • Make your way to the double Lich fight
  • Kill the Gunslinger’s past with The Bullet That Can Kill The Past after beating the Liches.

It is important to note that the first run with the Gunslinger is your chance at permanently unlocking him in Enter the Gungeon. Dying, restarting, or exiting the game without saving or completing the current Gungeon run will cause you to lose all progress and force you to run through the Gungeon with The Paradox once again.

Before entering the Aimless Void make sure that you pick up The Bullet That Can Kill The Past from the Blacksmith in The Forge, as firing the Gun That Can Kill The Past in the Aimless Void without the Bullet That Can Kill The Past will only end the game and send you to the end credits screen.

How to Play Gunslinger in Enter the Gungeon?

Guns with numerous powerful Synergies, such as the Flare Gun, are decent at best in the hands of another Gungeoneer. Not with Gunslinger – all weapon Synergies for any gun that the Gunslinger gets his hands on will become active.

Thanks to Lich’s Eye Bullets, you can take weapons such as the D-rank Flare Gun and awaken all of its Synergies, instantly giving you a powerful weapon early in your Gungeon run and removing the need to concern yourself with finding much more powerful weapons in preparation for late game.

Other than the Gunslinger’s powerful ability to awaken Synergies in Enter the Gungeon, you don’t have to do anything special gameplay-wise to play him to his full potential. Although if you’re keen on using Slinger for the majority of your Gungeon run incorporating the following tips will make the gun even more capable:

  • Slinger will shoot faster after dodge rolling
  • Clicking/tapping the fire button will cause Slinger to shoot faster than if you were to hold the fire button.
  • Gunslinger will throw Slinger when reloading with an empty magazine. The thrown gun can stun enemies.


Thanks to Lich’s Eye Bullets, you can activate any gun’s Synergies instantly with Gunslinger, making him a powerful Gungeoneer that can make even low-tier guns powerful and usable around the Gungeon.

His early game isn’t too shabby either – Slinger’s good range, damage, and fire rate make it a powerful weapon early in the game.

If you’re patient enough to play through The Paradox and The Gunslinger’s run in a single sitting, you will be rewarded with a great Gungeoneer that can unlock every gun’s potential in Enter the Gungeon.

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