Enter the Gungeon – Heavy Boots

What does the Heavy Boots do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Heavy Boots is a D-rank passive item in Enter the Gungeon. The Heavy Boots will prevent the following effects:

  • Enemy Knockback
  • Gun Recoil
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Ice Patches

Heavy Boots will generally stop you from being moved around when walking across Conveyor Belts and Ice Patches. Gun Boots also prevent some guns’ recoil effect and protect you from being knocked back by enemies in the Gungeon.

Is the Heavy Boots a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

On its own, the Heavy Boots is not a very useful item in Enter the Gungeon. The Heavy Boots’ use cases are pretty limited and is only really useful for preventing the recoil of Alien Engine and the forward lunge effect from swinging Blasphemy or Casey.

Nevertheless, its Synergies can help make multiple other guns in-game more powerful.

Best Synergy for the Heavy Boots in Enter The Gungeon

The Heavy Boots has four unique Synergies in Enter the Gungeon – Hardwood, Heavy Metal, Iron Slug, and Iron Stance.


The Heavy Boots and the Mahoguny can combine to activate the Hardwood Synergy in Enter the Gungeon.

Hardwood will cause the Mahoguny to fire up to four explosive shots at a time.

Heavy Metal

With the Anvillain and the Heavy Boots in your inventory, the Heavy Metal Synergy will become active.

The Heavy Metal Synergy will cause the Anvillain to lose 25% shot speed, but gain 20% increased damage.

Iron Slug

If you have the Big Iron and the Heavy Boots in your inventory, the Iron Slug Synergy will cause the Big Iron to fire a single large explosive iron bullet.

Iron Stance (Best Synergy)

The Iron Stance Synergy is shared between the Heavy Boots and the following guns:

  • Tangler
  • Pulse Cannon
  • Blunderbuss
  • Regular Shotgun
  • Old Goldie
  • Huntsman
  • Void Shotgun
  • Zilla Shotgun
  • Elephant Gun
  • Blooper
  • Sire

The Iron Stance Synergy between the Heavy Boots and any one of the guns listed above will give the guns 20% increased damage and 50% faster shot speed, along with 20% faster reload time.

How to Use the Heavy Boots in Enter The Gungeon?

The Heavy Boots is a passive item in Enter the Gungeon, which means you only need to have the gun in your inventory to take advantage of its effects.

With the Heavy Boots in your inventory, you will be immune to enemy knockback and gun recoil effects. Walking on Conveyor belts and Ice Patches will also be much easier with the Heavy Boots in your inventory. In addition, the lunge-forward effect from swinging melee weapons such as the Blasphemy and the Casey will be removed.

Nevertheless, the Heavy Boots’ ace up its sleeve is the Iron Stance Synergy that it shares with multiple shotgun-type guns in the Gungeon. Through this Synergy, guns, such as the Tangler, Pulse Cannon, Blunderbuss, and Regular Shotgun, to name a few, will get a 20% damage buff, along with a 50% shot speed improvement and a 20% reload time reduction.


The Heavy Boots will help give you a more solid footing around the Gungeon where external forces will not be able to move you around like they normally would.

By itself, the Heavy Boots does not provide any buffs that can help you clear rooms faster in the Gungeon, making it just an okay passive item to have in your inventory. However, the Hardwood, Heavy Metal, Iron Slug, and Iron Stance Synergies it shares with most shotguns in the game will help you deal significantly more damage when using these short-ranged guns in the Gungeon.

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