Enter the Gungeon – Clone

What does the Clone do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Clone is a powerful S-rank passive item that will instantly revive you if you die at any point in your Gungeon run.

If you die with the Clone in your inventory, you will not only be revived at the very beginning of your Gungeon run, but you get to keep all the items you’ve amassed prior to dying, including the Clone itself.

The item itself does not provide tangible buffs to power up your Gungeon run. Nevertheless, since you get to keep the items you’ve collected prior to dying, you’ll be running around the easier floors of the Gungeon with more powerful guns/items.

Is the Clone a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Clone is arguably one of the best items in Enter the Gungeon. It allows you to collect the most powerful guns/items from the later floors of the Gungeon and keep them even when you die at any point in your Gungeon run.

Dying in Enter the Gungeon means you’ll have to forfeit your current Gungeon run and start from scratch – not with the Clone in your inventory. The Clone will give you the chance to restart your run from the first floor of the Gungeon as per usual, but this time around, you’ll be bringing the same powerful guns/items from your previous run that will let you breeze through the first few floors with ease as well.

Best Synergy for the Clone in Enter The Gungeon

The Clone does not have any Synergy in Enter the Gungeon. You probably won’t need any Synergies with the Clone anyway because of how overpowered the item is in the first place.

How to Use the Clone in Enter The Gungeon?

Since the Clone is a passive item in Enter the Gungeon, you won’t have to press any button to activate the item’s effects in-game.

One thing to remember is that death will not remove the Clone from your inventory as well. This means that you can continuously respawn from the very first floor each time you die in your Gungeon run. And because you can keep all the items you have collected prior to dying, you can keep collecting some of the best items in the game and run through the Gungeon multiple times before going for that final super-powered run.


The Clone is probably the most broken item in the game. No other item will allow you to restart your Gungeon run and carry over all the guns/items in your inventory prior to dying in the Gungeon.

Clone runs make for a very unique Gungeon run where you can amass the best guns and items in the game through multiple runs to make your final run much easier.

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