Enter the Gungeon – Wax Wings

What does the Wax Wings do in Enter The Gungeon?

Wax Wings is a B-ranked passive item that gives you the ability to fly in Enter the Gungeon. Flight gives you the ability to bypass liquid hazards, pits, and other types of floor traps in the Gungeon. Having Wax Wings in your inventory also makes Mr. Winchester’s game much easier to complete.

Is the Wax Wings a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

Wax Wings is a very good item in Enter the Gungeon. There are virtually no downsides with Wax Wings – you can still dodge roll like you normally would when avoiding incoming bullets and you get to bypass liquid hazards and other traps in the Gungeon.

Wax Wings should also make completing Mr. Winchester’s challenge a breeze since you can just hover over the pit and shoot at the targets directly.

Best Synergy for the Wax Wings in Enter The Gungeon

Wax Wings has two Synergies in Enter the Gungeon – Peripheral Vision and Vulcan Raving.

Peripheral Vision

If you have the Wax Wings and the Light Gun in your inventory, the Peripheral Vision Synergy between these two items/guns will become active.

Peripheral Vision will alter the Light Gun’s visual color from red to white and swap out its normal piercing light zaps for a Dunk Hunt dog that will slap enemies when shot.

Vulcan Raving

Vulcan Raving is a Synergy between the Wax Wings and the Vulcan Cannon. Vulcan Raving will give the Vulcan Cannon a 50% increased knockback effect.

How to Use the Wax Wings in Enter The Gungeon?

As soon as you pick up the Wax Wings in Enter the Gungeon, you will instantly be given wings and the ability to fly over hazards, traps, and drops in the Gungeon.

You do not have to do anything special to activate the Wax Wings’ effects. Simply having the item in your inventory will allow you to bypass liquid hazards such as water, poison, fire, and goop. Floor traps such as spikes and fire can also be completely avoided, thanks to the flight that Wax Wings provides.

Wax Wings will completely bypass the pits found in Mr. Winchester’s game as well. With Wax Wings, you can just move next to the target and shoot them down like normal.


Overall, Wax Wings is a passive item that a lot of Enter the Gungeon players will be happy to pick up in just about any Gungeon run.

You won’t go wrong with Wax Wings in Enter the Gungeon. Having flight will give you the ability to ignore floor hazards and traps around the Gungeon and should allow you to focus on what matters most (incoming bullets and enemies) and can definitely make your Gungeon run just a tad easier.

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