Enter the Gungeon – Relodestone

What does the Relodestone do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Relodestone is an S-rank active item in Enter the Gungeon. When activated, Relodestone will convert nearby bullets into usable ammo. Despite being listed as an active item, the Relodestone features a passive effect that effectively halves reload times.

You can use Relodestone as a pseudo-bullet shield that will make you immune to all incoming bullets for six seconds after activation. However, Relodestone will not stay active when switched out for a different active item, and it will not prevent damage from the Beholster’s laser attack.

Is the Reloadestone a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Relodestone is a very good item in Enter the Gungeon, especially if you have guns that are ammo starved from the very beginning. Having the ability to convert incoming bullets and render them ineffective is a valuable thing to have in the Gungeon.

Best Synergy for the Reloadestone in Enter The Gungeon

The Relodestone only has one Synergy in Enter the Gungeon – Relodestar.


Relodestar is a Synergy between the Relodestone and the Ammolet. If you have both of these items in your inventory, the Relodstar Synergy will immediately become active.

Relodestar will use Relodestone’s bullet-absorbing effect to gather bullets and shoot them out as soon as the Relodestone’s effects wear off.

How to Use the Relodestone in Enter The Gungeon?

The Relodestone is best used in rooms where there are a ton of bullets flying around. Activate the Relodestone in these rooms to absorb all incoming bullets for six seconds and convert them into usable bullets for your gun. You can also use the Relodestone to block off bullets if you’re caught in a pinch.

If you have the Relodstar Synergy active, you can absorb all incoming bullets and shoot them out as soon as the Relodestar’s active effect wears off. Of course, your guns will have 50% faster reload times with this item held.


The Relodestone is a great active item that not only features a very useful active effect but also a significant reload time passive buff for your gun in Enter the Gungeon.

If you manage to pick up the Ammolet on one of the later floors, the Relodestar Synergy can transform the Relodestone into a counter-attacking active item that absorbs and shoots out all the absorbed bullets back to enemies.

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