Enter The Gungeon – How to Find Secret Rooms

What is a Secret Room in Enter the Gungeon?

Secret Rooms are hidden rooms that can often be found in each chamber of the Gungeon.

Secret Rooms can contain any of the following items:

  • Hearts
  • Keys
  • Armor
  • Blanks
  • Ammo
  • Glass Guon Stones
  • Chests
  • Shrines
  • NPC
    • Old Red
    • Cursula
    • Professor Goopton
    • Flynt
    • Trorc
    • Winchester
    • The Lost Adventurer
    • Ser Manuel
    • Witches
    • Old Man
    • Brother Albern
  • High Dragunfire
  • Evil Munchers

These rooms aren’t named Secret Rooms for no reason. You have to use specific methods to locate and enter these rooms around the Gungeon.

Common Secret Room Locations in Enter the Gungeon

Secret Room locations are, well, a secret. But there are a few ways to guesstimate their location on the current floor.

  • Chest Rooms, shops, elevator exits, and dead-end rooms typically also have an adjacent Secret Room.
  • Secret Rooms are rarely located behind Objects.
  • The Old Crest Room and the area around the Abbey of the True Gun room will not have an adjacent Secret Room.
  • Secret Room entrance colors will look slightly different color-wise to the surrounding walls on the current floor.

How to Find Secret Rooms in Enter the Gungeon?

Before you can gain access to or open a Secret Room in Enter the Gungeon you first have to reveal them through weapons, items, or Synergies.


You can reveal Secret Room entrances by firing weapons that do not have infinite ammo toward the walls around the chamber. If one of your bullets lands on a wall that’s hiding a Secret Room entrance, these walls will eventually develop deep cracks, indicating a Secret Room behind it.

We say ‘eventually’ because the number of shots you need to fire before you create cracks on Secret Room entrances depends entirely on the damage output of your weapon.

In some cases, enemy bullets can also reveal Secret Rooms if their ammo repeatedly lands on Secret Room walls while you’re fighting against hoards of enemies in chambers.

Brick of Cash

If you’re somehow able to find the NPC named Flynt and successfully rescue him from a cell in the Oubliette, you can purchase the passive item called the Brick of Cash from him.

The Brick of Cash passive item will reveal Secret Room entrances around the Gungeon. With the Brick of Cash in your inventory, a small brickman will gesture you towards the Secret Room entrance in the current chamber.


The Map passive item in Enter the Gungeon can fully reveal the current floor’s layout. If the current floor has a Secret Room, the Map will reveal its location as well.

Unfortunately, the Map is consumed immediately on pickup, so you cannot choose which floor you want to reveal with the item. So if you have a Map yet the current floor does not have a Secret Room, you’re out of luck.

Gungeon Blueprint

The Gungeon Blueprint is the ultimate cheat code for Secret Room-finding in Enter the Gungeon.

Unfortunately, you will need a ton of luck saved up to get your hands on the Gungeon Blueprint, as this S-rank will rarely ever be seen around the Gungeon.

However, if you can get your hands on the Gungeon Blueprint, you can say goodbye to all the other methods we have listed above, as the S-rank passive item can fully reveal every floor of the Gungeon, including Secret Rooms.

Insight Synergy

If you manage to get your hands on the Huntsman and the Trick Gun, the Insight Synergy between these two weapons will cause an alien-like creature to spawn around Secret Room entrances, revealing their location.

How to Open Secret Rooms in Enter the Gungeon?

There are a few reliable ways to open Secret Rooms in Enter the Gungeon – Full Blank Effect, Losing Armor, or by throwing a Bomb, or firing the Lil Bomber weapon at Secret Room entrances.

Full Blank Effect

A blank is an area effect in Enter the Gungeon that clears a floor’s worth of gunfire for a brief moment, damages all enemies in the area, and pushes enemies away as well.

Having access to this effect is one of the few ways to open Secret Rooms in Enter the Gungeon.

However, having a simple Blank effect (such as Level 6 Ser Junkan) won’t work – you’ll need the real deal. This means you’ll need to have access to any weapon or item that can generate the full Blank effect in-game.

Some weapons/items that can generate a full Blank effect:

  • Table Tech Blanks
  • Daruma
  • Elder Blank
  • Blank Companion’s Ring
  • Composite Gun

Losing Armor

Losing Armor in Enter the Gungeon will produce a Blank effect that can open Secret Rooms on the current floor you’re on. The only challenge is finding a way to inflict damage on yourself to lose armor in the first place.

One way you can do this is by jumping or falling into a pit (if there are any) on the current floor you’re on. Losing armor this way will trigger a full Blank effect that will open the current floor’s Secret Room.

Bomb/Lil Bomber

The Bomb and Lil Bomber in Enter the Gungeon function very similarly to how bombs work in the classic game Bomberman, where brick walls fall and crumble from the ensuing bomb explosion.

If you have the Bomb or its weapon counterpart – the Lil Bomber – and have a good idea of where the Secret Room is, throwing the Bomb or firing the Lil Bomber at the Secret Room entrance will give you access to the Secret Room.


With the right tools and know-how, finding Secret Rooms can eventually become a personal skill in Enter the Gungeon.

After a few Gungeon runs, you’ll eventually become more familiar with how walls and rooms look texture-wise, and soon you’ll be able to tell where a Secret Room lies without having to rely on cracks caused by weapon fire.

Nevertheless, the methods we have listed above are a reliable way of revealing Secret Rooms on every floor in the Gungeon. All that’s left is to generate a Blank or get your hands on some Bombs or the Lil Bomber weapon to access the Secret Room.

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