Enter The Gungeon – Ser Junkan

What does Ser Junkan do in Enter The Gungeon?

Ser Junkan is a C-rank passive item in Enter the Dungeon that players can acquire by destroying chests.

Once you acquire Ser Junkan, he will follow you around and fight alongside you around the Gungeon. You can level up Ser Junkan from a companion that merely pushes enemies around the Gungeon all they way to a powerful Mecha-armored companion that fires a machine gun and slashes enemies with a laser blade.

Is Ser Junkan a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

Ser Junkan is a very good passive item in Enter the Gungeon and will give you a powerful companion that will fight alongside you in-game.

Because Ser Junkan is a C-rank passive item in Enter the Gungeon, there is a very good chance that you’ll come across him in one of the chests you destroy in-game.

Depending on how many Junk you acquire in the Gungeon, you can upgrade Ser Junkan to become a powerful companion that deals high damage to enemies.

Best Synergy for Ser Junkan in Enter The Gungeon

There is only one known Synergy for Ser Junkan in Enter the Gungeon, and that is the ‘Tea for Two’ Synergy.

Tea for Two

Tea for Two is a Synergy between Ser Junkan and the Teapot gun in Enter the Gungeon.

Through this Synergy, the Teapot will gain a passive ability that gives Ser Junkan a small red aura around him when reloading the Teapot. The red aura will ignite all enemies around the aura.

How to Use Ser Junkan in Enter The Gungeon?

You cannot control Ser Junkan in Enter the Gungeon. Upon acquiring him from chests, he will simply follow you around the Gungeon and do his best to fight and target enemies.

Ser Junkan possesses up to nine different forms in Enter the Gungeon. Arranged from least powerful to most powerful, here are Ser Junkan’s forms in Enter the Gungeon:

  • Peasant – Ser Junkan Pushes enemies around but deals zero damage.
  • Squire – Ser  Junkan gains a helmet and uses it to headbutt enemies. Deals 3 damage.
  • Hedge Knight – Junkan gains a shield and uses it to smash enemies for 5 damage.
  • Knight – Ser Junkan gains a sword and uses it to slice enemies for 7 damage per hit.
  • Knight Lieutenant – Ser Junkan improves his damage by another 2 points thanks to a helmet adornment.
  • Knight Commander – Ser Junkan gains a power boost thanks to a new cape. Junkan now deals 10 damage per hit through his new spin attack that hits twice and can hit multiple enemies.
  • Holy Knight – Junkan gets an all-white look with a new sword and shield that deals 13.33 damage per hit.
    • Junkan will occasionally run towards you and blanks; clearing an entire area of gunfight, deals damage to enemies, and pushes them away.
    • True to his holy calling, Ser Junkan will revive you if you die in the Gungeon, but you will lose Ser Junkan as well.
  • Angelic Knight – Ser Junkan gains a flaming sword and angelic armor with wings. His new projectile attacks deal 10 damage. However, Ser Junkan loses the ability to blank and save the player, but gains the ability to fly.
  • Mecha Junkan – The Mecha Junkan evolution is only possible with 1 Gold Junk on hand. In Mecha Junkan Mode, Junkan gains a high-tech golden suit and fires a machine gun that deals 2.2 damage per shot. In addition, Junkan gains a laser blade that deals 20 damage on hit or 8 damage per rocket.

You can easily level up Ser Junkan by acquiring more Junk. Each Junk you possess before and after you unlock Ser Junkan will count towards leveling him up. So if you had three Junk before unlocking Ser Junkan from a chest, you will automatically unlock the Knight Ser Junkan.

In addition, if you have the Lies passive item, it will also count toward leveling up Ser Junkan.

Unfortunately, dying in co-op mode will also cause Ser Junkan to be lost. His Holy Knight abilities will not work in co-op mode.


Ser Junkan is a noble warrior who will stand by you no matter the situation in Enter the Gungeon. Acquiring more Junk will only make him even stronger in-game, and with enough Junk, he can even become more powerful than yourself in Enter the Gungegon.

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