Enter The Gungeon – How To Play Online Co-op

Can Enter the Gungeon be played co-op?

Yes, Enter the Gungeon can be played in co-op mode albeit only locally on consoles, as the game does not support online play for these platforms. On the other hand, players on the PC can download a separate app to enable online multiplayer co-op for Enter the Gungeon.

PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch can still enjoy the game with their friends in local multiplayer co-op mode. Unfortunately, there is no way to enable online multiplayer co-op for these consoles.

How to unlock co-op mode in Enter the Gungeon?

If you’re playing on the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, you need to make sure that you have a second controller running to unlock co-op mode in Enter the Gungeon.

You can start co-op mode after choosing your character in the character select screen. After which, you must talk to the purple-robed character called “The Cultist” who will ask you if you would like to ‘Enter Co-op”. Selecting Yes will give Player 2 full control of The Cultist.

How do you play co-op on Gungeon PlayStation?

To play local multiplayer co-op on Gungeon on the PlayStation, you have to make sure that there are two controllers active on your console so The Cultist character appears in the same room as the other playable characters in Enter the Gungeon.

After which, you must select your character from the character select screen and then talk to “The Cultist,” who will become the playable character for Player 2 by selecting the ‘Yes’ option after being asked by The Cultist to “Enter Co-op?”

The same method applies to players on the PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Can you play Enter the Gungeon co-op online?

Unfortunately, consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch can only play the game in single-player or local multiplayer co-op.

However, Enter the Gungeon can be played online on the PC through an app called Parsec, which streams the host PC’s copy of Enter the Gungeon to other PCs.

To play Enter the Gungeon in online multiplayer co-op through Parsec:

  1. Go to Parsecgaming.com and download the Parsec app
  2. Install the Parsec App
  3. Launch Enter the Gungeon on your PC
  4. In the Parsec App, click on the Parsec Arcade button on the left menu pane
  5. Select Enter the Gungeon to host the game
  6. Copy the Hosting Link for Enter the Gungeon and share it with your friend (the other player must have Parsec installed on their PC as well)
  7. Pick your character in Enter the Gungeon
  8. Talk to The Cultist a
  9. Select ‘Yes’ when asked to Enter Co-op.


It seems like the ETG devs added the multiplayer option as an afterthought, as evidenced by how the second player can only use The Cultist as a playable character and the game’s lack of native online multiplayer capability. 

There’s a ton of fun to be had when playing Enter the Gungeon in multiplayer co-op mode, as having an extra player will force you and your partner to manage and distribute the limited resources to effectively clear each floor of the Gungeon. 

Enter the Gungeon is definitely a single-player game first but multiplayer co-op mode is no snooze fest at all and can be a good source of casual fun for friends and family alike.

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