Enter the Gungeon – Mass Shotgun

What does the Mass Shotgun do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Mass Shotgun is a B-rank semiautomatic gun that fires two types of projectiles in Enter the Gungeon – a large ball that deals minor damage and a barrage of 12 smaller projectiles.

The Mass Shotgun’s initial ball projectile will only deal 30 damage while its barrage of 12 smaller projectiles can easily deal 72 damage once you get a good idea about the optimal way of using the gun.

Is the Mass Shotgun a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

Many Enter the Gungeon veterans hold the Mass Shotgun with high regard in-game. Despite being just a B-rank gun, the Mass Shotgun has a very high damage potential hidden behind those 12 smaller projectiles.

The only challenge is learning how to use the gun so that all 12 projectiles land on your desired targets in-game.

Best Synergy for the Mass Shotgun in Enter The Gungeon

The Mass Shotgun has three Synergies in Enter the Gungeon – Mass Cutter, Massive Effect, and To Serve Android

Mass Cutter

Mass Cutter is a Synergy between the Mass Shotgun and the B-rank Mine Cutter.

The Mass Cutter Synergy will alter the Mass Shotgun’s split projectiles, turning them into 6-10 Mine Cutter lasers fired in a cone in front of the Mass Shotgun.

Massive Effect

With the Mass Shotgun and Stout Bullets/Fat Bullets/Heavy Bullets in your inventory, the Massive Effect Synergy will become active.

Massive Effect will cause the Mass Shotgun’s initial ball projectile to grow significantly in size, making it much easier for you to land on enemies in the Gungeon.

To Serve Android

If you have the Badge and the Mass Shotgun in your inventory at the same time, the To Serve Android Synergy will become active.

To Serve Android will upgrade the Police Officer companion that was spawned by the Badge into an invincible robot that will fight alongside you in the Gungeon.

How to Use the Mass Shotgun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Mass Shotgun’s large initial projectile already deals decent damage on its own (30). However, you can deal more than twice as much damage with the Mass Shotgun in-game if you learn the distance at which the projectiles begin to split – medium range. This will give you the best chance of dealing damage with all 12 projectiles and dealing the maximum 72 damage.

It is worth noting that if the ball hits a wall, the smaller shots will split away from the wall. Hitting objects will not split the ball projectile.


The Mass Shotgun is a very capable B-rank shotgun that can deal massive damage once you get a good grip on the best distance to fire the gun for maximum damage. All three of its Synergies are pretty good as well, and all help make the Mass Shotgun even more valuable than it already is in the Gungeon.

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