Enter the Gungeon – Wood Beam

What does the Wood Beam do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Wood Beam is a B-rank Beam weapon that can be used in two different ways in the Gungeon – hitting enemies face first with the extended Beam projectile or by hitting enemies on their sides with the extended melee weapon akin to a baseball bat.

The latter will deal more damage than the former, but the amount of damage you deal will depend greatly on how fast the Wood Beam is swung while extended.

The Wood Beam is a ridiculous weapon once you get your hands on it in the Gungeon. In practice, the Wood Beam can be a very good room-clearing weapon when used correctly.

Is the Wood Beam a good weapon in Enter The Gungeon?

The Wood Beam can be a hit or miss in Enter the Gungeon, but many players regard the weapon as one of the worst weapons in-game.

First, holding the weapon will give you 1 Curse instantly. Second, the Wood Beam can be a pain to wield in-game since you have to manually swing the Wood Beam left and right to make the most out of the weapon in the Gungeon.

How good the weapon will be at clearing rooms depends greatly on your ability to swing quickly from left to right, which will be much easier with a keyboard or mouse.

There’s no saving the Wood Beam as well since the weapon does not receive any significant buffs from its sole Synergy in the game.

Best Synergy for the Wood Beam in Enter The Gungeon

The Wood Beam only has one Synergy in Enter the Gungeon – Pea Cannon.

Pea Cannon

The Pea Cannon Synergy between the Wood Beam and the Pea Cannon will transform the Pea Shooter’s shots, making them larger, giving them more damage, and adding a powerful explosion effect to its shots.

How to Use the Wood Beam in Enter The Gungeon?

Disregard the Wood Beam’s beam extension attack as this deals minuscule damage. Instead, extend the Wood Beam and bring your best Beyblade impression to deal maximum damage with this weapon.

The Wood Beam will deal variable damage depending on how fast you swung the weapon when hitting enemies in the Gungeon. At max swing speed, the Wood Beam will deal as much as 26 damage per hit to enemies. Since the Wood Beam does not have a cooldown, you can rotate your crosshair as quickly as possible to deal high DPS with this weapon.

Keep in mind, however, that the Wood Beam still uses ammo, and extending the weapon will drain 1 ammo every second. Hitting enemies will drain an appropriate amount of ammo per hit as well.  


More serious players will find the Wood Beam to be lackluster for a B-tier item in Enter the Gungeon. While the weapon is definitely capable of dealing decent damage around the Gungeon, it will require players to exert more effort to unleash its maximum DPS potential as well.

The Wood Beam’s Synergy with the Pea Shooter can make the latter a more valuable gun in the Gungeon. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Wood Beam, which, while fun to use, will be inferior to other B-tier guns in-game.

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