Enter the Gungeon – Sling

What does the Sling do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Sling is a D-rank Charged gun in Enter the Gungeon, which, as you probably already guessed, fires rocks as its bullets.

The Sling’s rocks will deal 25 damage to all other enemies in the Gungeon. That number increases by 2.5x for bosses. In addition, the Slings rocks can bounce and deal double damage whenever it bounces.

2.5x is equal to roughly 62.5 damage to bosses, which is unprecedented when talking about D-rank guns in general. This makes the Sling one of the most powerful guns in the game for taking on bosses.

Is the Sling a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Sling is a good gun in Enter the Gungeon if you can learn the timing required to maximize the gun’s potential. Once you get the hang of the Sling in the Gungeon, you can easily slay most enemies on the first few floors of the Gungeon, and deal massive damage to bosses when needed.

The Sling’s charge fire will take some getting used to, but once you get a good feel for how the gun fires in-game, the Sling will be a very reliable boss-slaying gun in your inventory.

Best Synergy for the Sling in Enter The Gungeon

The Sling only has one known Synergy in Enter the Gungeon – Slings and Arrows.

Slings and Arrows

The Slings and Arrows Synergy between the Sling and the Bow will allow the Bow to be charged longer and fire an arrow that deals 50 damage.

How to Use the Sling in Enter The Gungeon?

You have two options when using the Sling in Enter the Gungeon – fire it as you would normally directly at enemies or bounce its projectiles off of walls to deal double damage. The latter will take more skill to execute but will reward you greatly for your efforts as well.

Keep in mind that the Sling is a Charged gun, which means you won’t be able to fire instantly between shots. To maximize the Sling’s damage potential, keep moving and dodge roll between shots as needed. This will keep your DPS up while ensuring you don’t soak up too much damage while the Sling is recharging.


The Sling deals decent damage for clearing normal enemies around the Gungeon. Despite this, its charged nature and delay between shots might pose some problems in rooms filled with multiple enemies. For these situations, there will be other guns that provide even more value and efficiency when it comes to room-clearing in-game, so it might be best to reserve the Sling for boss fights only.

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