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What does the Pitchfork do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Pitchfork is a C-Rank gun in Enter The Gungeon that shoots rapid-fire low-damage long-range fireballs that can pierce up to 4 enemies. This Satanic-looking weapon inflicts the Burn status effect on any enemies hit by its fireballs.

The weapon was added into the game back in 1.0 and has three known Synergies in Enter The Gungeon. 

Is the Pitchfork a good weapon in Enter The Gungeon?

On its own, the Pitchfork does not inflict significant raw damage to enemies due to its relatively low Damage Stat. Fortunately, its fireballs that will always inflict Burn damage to enemies can help it deal more damage over time. 

The Pitchfork can become more powerful when it is used in conjunction with some of the B-Rank weapons we have listed below. 

Best Synergy Weapons for Pitchfork in Enter The Gungeon

Weapons and items in Enter The Gungeon produce unique effects called Synergy when both weapons/items are equipped at the same time. 

Players will know when a special Synergy is activated when a light blue arrow appears above the player’s head. 

Here are the known weapon synergies for the Pitchfork in Enter The Gungeon:

Hail, Satan! (Demon Head)

The Demon Head is a B-Rank gun that fires a continuous curving beam toward enemies. The weapon has a chance to apply a Burn status effects on any enemies hit. 

When the Demon Head is used alongside the Pitchfork, a Synergy called “Hail, Satan!” is activated. Hail, Satan! adds a piercing effect to Demon Head’s attacks, giving Demon Head the ability to pierce through enemies.

Hotter Than Heck (Flame Hand)

Flame Hand is another B-Rank gun that shoots out fireballs that deal variable damage and can also pierce and apply Burn to enemies hit. 

When combined with the Pitchfork, a Synergy called “Hotter Than Heck” is activated, which increases Flame Hand’s damage and size by 25%. In addition, the player gains immunity to fire while the Hotter Than Heck Synergy is active. 

Pitch Perfect (Sixth Chamber/Yellow Chamber/Holey Grail)

Having a Sixth Chamber equipped will activate a synergy called Pitch Perfect. Pitch Perfect grants the Pitchfork enhanced orange-colored fireballs that can bypass immunity to fire and set all enemies aflame permanently. 

Equipping a Yellow Chamber or Holey Grail will also activate the same Synergy for the Pitchfork.

How to Use the Pitchfork in Enter The Gungeon?

Because of its relatively low damage output, the Pitchfork isn’t a particularly great primary weapon, especially for boss fights. However, thanks to its 100% chance to inflict Burn on enemies, and its ability to pierce through 4 enemies, the Pitchfork can be a great mob-clearing weapon in Enter The Gungeon. 

The Pitchfork becomes more powerful with the Pitch Perfect Synergy due to the permanent Burn effect it inflicts on enemies hit and its ability to bypass fire immunity. Players can simply set enemies aflame with the Pitchfork and wait for their enemies to burn to the ground. 

In boss fights, players can use the Pitchfork with the Pitch Perfect Synergy to inflict continuous burn damage to bosses. 


Overall, the Pitchfork can be a great secondary weapon when used to its strengths. The weapon can become even more powerful when used alongside other weapons that bring out Synergies in Enter The Gungeon.

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