Platinum Bullets: A Good Item in Enter The Gungeon?

enter the gungeon platinum bullets

What does the Platinum Bullets do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Platinum Bullets is an S-rank passive item that can significantly increase any gun’s damage and fire rate in Enter the Gungeon. 

With the Platinum Bullets in the player’s inventory, weapon fire rates double every 250 seconds of firing, scaling up to a maximum of 3x firing speed after shooting continuously for 375 seconds. On the other hand, Platinum Bullets will double the player’s weapon damage every 500 seconds of firing up to a maximum of 3x more damage after 750 seconds of shooting. 

If the player is lucky enough to pick up the Platinum Bullets at a later floor, Platinum Bullets will give the player’s gun an immediate boost in weapon firing rate and weapon damage. 

Platinum Bullets also features a single Synergy with the Face Melter, which we will go into detail in the Best Synergy section below. 

Is the Platinum Bullets a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Platinum Bullets is one of the best bullet-mods in Enter the Gungeon and is an item that’s well deserving of its S-rank. 

The Platinum Bullets passive item is so good that some players have reported being able to reach the 4th floor with just their Platinum Bullets and their basic starter pistol. 

At full tilt, the Platinum Bullets can increase any gun’s DPS by 9x (DPS = Fire Rate x Damage), giving the player an insane damage boost in-game. 

Best Synergy for Platinum Bullets in Enter The Gungeon

There is only one other item that Synergizes with the Platinum Bullets and that is the Face Melter.

Alternative Rock

If the player has the B-rank Face Melter gun alongside Platinum Bullets, a Synergy called Alternative Rock will be activated. 

Through the Alternative Rock Synergy, Face Melter will gain the ability to fire two parallel columns of notes instead of the usual four streams. In addition, reloading the Face Melter will fire off a guitar pick with a chance to stun enemies. 

How to Use the Platinum Bullets in Enter The Gungeon?

To get the Platinum Bullets buff, players need to switch weapons and pick up or drop an item/gun to get the firing rate and damage buff offered by the Platinum Bullets. Affected guns will usually turn silver/platinum in color. 

It’s pretty weird how the Platinum Bullets require players to do a quick switch from another weapon and back to activate its effects. Nevertheless, that’s a minor quirk to pay for an item that provides a god-tier DPS buff in Enter the Gungeon. 

One thing to remember: never drop the Platinum Bullets once you pick them up at any point in your Gungeon run. Ever. You’ll lose all of its fire rate and damage buff if you drop the item mid-game, and the bonuses won’t return even if you pick the Platinum Bullets back up. 


The S-rank Platinum Bullets is one of the best bullet-mod items in Enter the Gungeon. Period. Lucky players who acquire this powerful item in the early floors will experience their smoothest and fastest Gungeon runs to date in Enter the Gungeon. 

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