Is the Camera a Good Weapon in Enter The Gungeon?

enter the gungeon camera

What does the Camera do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Camera is a C-rank gun that deals minor damage, knocks enemies back, and slows bullets in the air upon firing. While all three things might seem like standard stuff for a C-rank gun, the Camera can inflict all three effects on all enemies in the player’s current room upon firing.

The Camera can also Synergize with five other items in Enter the Gungeon to make the gun more powerful. 

Is the Camera a good weapon in Enter The Gungeon?

The Camera is a below-average weapon in Enter the Gungeon due to its low damage and slow rate of fire. 

Like most other guns in Enter the Gungeon, the Camera only works best when used to its absolute strengths, making it a gun that’s viable for only a handful of situations in-game. 

With that said, the Camera is a gun that can deal decent damage as long as the player knows how to use it to its full potential, which we will go into detail about in the How to Use the Camera section below. 

Best Synergy for Camera in Enter The Gungeon

The Camera can Synergize with five other weapons in Enter the Gungeon to create five Synergies – Camera Shy, Get Equipped with -F-, Just Shoot Me, Ice Cap, and Savior of the Universe.

Camera Shy

The C-rank Chaff Grenade and the Camera will activate the Camera Shy Synergy.

With the Camera Shy Synergy, the Camera will gain the Chaff Grenade’s active effect, giving it the ability to stun enemies in the player’s current room.

Get Equipped with -F- (Best Synergy)

Together, the Camera and the B-rank Megahand will activate the Time Stopper Synergy in Enter the Gungeon.

Time Stopper, as the name suggests, gives Megahand the ability to stop time for 1.5 seconds and then deal damage to all enemies on the screen after fully charging. Players can switch between Time Stopper mode and Normal Mode by reloading Megahand.

Just Shoot Me

The Magazine Rack is an active item that gives players a pool of infinite ammo for ten seconds. When combined with the Camera, the Magazine Rack’s ammo pool will gain the ability to shoot at enemies while active. 

Ice Cap

The A-rank Freeze Ray is already powerful and can become even more potent when paired with the Camera. Together, these two items form the Ice Cap Synergy, which gives the Freeze Ray the ability to freeze enemies much faster. 

Savior of the Universe

The Flash Ray will gain several buffs when paired with the Camera. The Savior of the Universe Synergy will give the Flash ray unlimited piercing, a much bigger beam, a bounce, and an increased fire rate. The Camera also gains the ability to fire two lasers when fired at full charge, and reloading will cause a Camera flash. 

How to Use the Camera in Enter The Gungeon?

As mentioned above, the Camera, on its own, is only good for certain situations, such as when clearing a room filled with small enemies. The Camera’s low damage output and slow rate of fire mean that players cannot rely too much on the gun for consistent damage against stronger enemies and bosses. 

There’s a reason why the Camera’s Synergies serve the other gun more than the Camera itself – there’s not really much that can be done to the Camera damage-wise without turning it into a broken room-clearing gun that players can use to cheese their way through the floors in Enter the Gungeon. 

As such, the Camera is good for clearing rooms filled with hoards of small enemies and not much more. 


The Camera lives up to its real-world effects and purpose – to damage, stun, and knock back unsuspecting targets from across the room in Enter the Gungeon. 

Many of the Camera’s Synergies can make the other guns much stronger. However, the Camera’s Get Equipped with -F- Synergy with the Megahand is arguably the strongest pairing among the Camera’s other Synergies, giving Megahand a powerful time-stopping charge attack that deals damage to all enemies on the player’s screen. 

On its own, however, the Camera is a SILLY-class item that players can skip in favor of other more viable C-rank guns in Enter the Gungeon. 

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