Is the Scope a Good Item in Enter The Gungeon?

enter the gungeon scope

What does the Scope do in Enter The Gungeon?

Enter the Gungeon’s Scope is a D-rank passive item that improves accuracy by reducing any gun’s bullet spread by 60%. 

The Scope offers a few key Synergies that can greatly improve a few of the guns in-game. 

Is the Scope a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

Any item that can help make aiming much simpler or easier in Enter the Gungeon is always great to have – the Scope is one of them. 

The Scope pairs well with any of the shotguns in Enter the Gungeon since the Scope reduces the shotguns’ bullet spread significantly. However, any gun can benefit from the improved accuracy that the Scope provides in Enter the Gungeon. 

Being a D-rank item also means you’ll see the Scope more often in your runs, which should help immensely early in your Gungeon runs. 

Best Synergy for Scope in Enter The Gungeon

The Scope has four known Synergies in Enter the Gungeon – 360 Yes Scope, Iron Slug, M1 Multi-tool, and Sleuth Out.

360 Yes Scope (Best Synergy)

The 360 Yes Scope is the best Synergy of the Scope in Enter the Gungeon, offering significantly improved damage output. 360 Yes Scope activates whenever the player has the A.W.P or Sniper Rifle and the Scope in their inventory. 

With this Synergy, either of the two rifles can gain an extra 50% damage by spinning 360 degrees before firing each shot. The buff stacks up to six times, with each instance dealing an additional 1.5x damage that lasts up to three seconds. If the player switches to another gun while the damage buff still persists, the damage buff will carry over to the player’s other gun. 

Lastly, having extra Scopes in Enter the Gungeon will increase the damage multiplier of the A.W.P and the Sniper Rifle by an additional 1.5x for each item. 

Iron Slug

The Big Iron is a B-rank gun that fires three bullets that spreads out into a cone the further the bullets travel. 

With the Iron Slug Synergy between the Big Iron and the Scope, the Big Iron’s three-bullet shots will transform into a single slug that deals heavy damage. 

M1 Multi-tool

The C-rank M1 Sniper Rifle and the Scope will activate the M1 Multi-tool Synergy. The M1 Multi-tool Synergy will improve the player’s movement speed, and the M1 Sniper Rifle will reload 20% faster.

Sleuth Out

With the Sleuth Out Synergy, players can use the 38 Special like the cowboys of the west.

The 38 Special and Scope Synergy, Sleuth Out, will slow down enemy bullets, giving the player more time to dodge-roll and fire the 38 Special like a real cowboy, albeit with a 20% slower rate of fire than usual. 

How to Use the Scope in Enter The Gungeon?

The Scope is a passive item in Enter the Gungeon – simply having the item in their inventory will bring more value to just about any gun in Enter the Gungeon. 

When using the Scope with the A.W.P or Sniper Rifle, players must remember to spin 360 degrees before every shot to improve the two gun’s damage output. 

Since the Scope is a D-rank passive item in Enter the Gungeon, players are bound to find a few of these in their runs. Having a few Scopes in the player’s inventory will further improve the 360 Yes Scope’s damage output by 1.5x per item. 


Even without its powerful Synergies, the Scope is a valuable D-rank item that players can find often in their Gungeon runs in Enter the Gungeon. 

The Scope can and will improve every gun in Enter the Gungeon, thanks to the 60% reduced shot spread. However, guns with wider bullet spreads will benefit the most from the Scope’s reduced shot spread bonus. 

Overall, the Scope is a great item to have in Enter the Gungeon and is a staple item that can greatly increase the A.W.P and the Sniper Rifle’s damage output in Enter the Gungeon. 

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