Crown of Guns in Enter The Gungeon – Any Good?

enter the gungeon crown of guns

What does the Crown of Guns do in Enter The Gungeon?

Players won’t have as much fun with any other gun in Enter the Gungeon as they ever will with the C-tier Crown of Guns. This monstrosity of a gun fires three bullets and consumes three ammo per shot to cover the player in a hail of 360-degree salvos fired in rapid-fire succession.

The Crown of Guns carries a max of 3000 ammo and 3000 magazines (the best the game has to offer) to satisfy the gun’s rapid-fire capabilities, with each bullet dealing 5.5 damage.

The Crown of Guns features a few key Synergies that can help it become one of the best guns in Enter the Gungeon. 

Is the Crown of Guns a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Crown of Guns is an insanely fun and capable gun in Enter the Gungeon. 

No other gun can fire the same volume of bullets as the Crown of Guns can in Enter the Gungeon. Thanks to its massive magazine and ammo capacity, the Crown of Guns can unleash 360-degree salvos that can clear an entire room in moments. 

On its own, the gun itself is decent at best. However, a few Synergies with other items in-game will take the Crown of Guns to the next level easily. 

Best Synergy for Crown of Guns in Enter The Gungeon

The Crown of Guns features one of the most extensive Synergy lists in Enter the Gungeon with an impressive seven Synergies in the form of Alas, Sniperion, Blast Crown, Great Queen Ant, and King Bomber, to name a few. 

Here are all the Synergies for Crown of Guns:

Alas, Sniperion

If the player has a Crescent Crossbow in their inventory, the Crown of Guns will start to shoot crescent-shaped bullets that deal more damage than usual. Oh, and the Crown of Guns will look like Sailor Moon’s tiara as well. 

Blast Crown

When combined, the Blast Helmet and Crown of Guns will activate the Blast Crown Synergy. 

As the name suggests, the Synergy gives the Crown of Guns a chance to fire explosives, and with the volume of bullets the Crown of Guns fires in seconds, players can expect to see a couple of explosions going off while using the Crown of Guns. 

Great Queen Ant

If the player has the Gungeon Ant gun and the Crown of Guns in their inventory, the two guns will form the Great Queen Ant Synergy that will turn the former into an ant queen that fires rocket ants. 

King Bomber

With the Lil’ Bomber gun and the Crown of Guns in the player’s inventory, the former will spawn Bronze Shells every time they hit an enemy. 

Not a bad way to collect some easy Bronze Shells. 


With the help of the A-rank Trident, the Crown of Guns gains the Poseigun Synergy, which gives the latter the ability to fire Trident beams randomly. 

Alternatively, the Trident also gains the ability to fire three beams per shot. However, the Trident will no longer benefit from rolling and will have its magazine size, and fire rate reduced significantly. 

Two Heavy

Through the Two Heavy Synergy between the Coin Crown and the Crown of Guns, players can double the chance of spawn money appearing after clearing a room in Enter the Gungeon. 

Players in need of some money will want to take advantage of this Synergy to farm as much money as possible in Enter the Gungeon. 

Usurper (Best Synergy)

The Cat Bullet King Throne and Crown of Guns’ Usurper Synergy will cause the Crown of Guns to fire even faster. Additionally, having the Cat Bullet King Throne on hand will charm Bullet Kin and Veteran Bullet Kin automatically. 

Other Item Synergies (Best Item Synergy – Remote Bullets/Shock Rounds)

  • Backup Gun – doubles the Crown of Gun’s bullet output.
  • Duct Tape – taping the Crown of Guns together with another gun in-game will cause the second gun to spend four ammo. 
  • Remote Bullets – gives the player the ability to redirect their bullets towards a target by using their cursor. (redirect hundreds of bullets that deal 5.5 damage each to your enemy of choice. No brainer.)
  • Shock Rounds – gives the Crown of Guns the ability to create chains of electricity between bullets. (with hundreds of bullets being fired in rapid-fire succession, this item will turn the Crown of Guns into a deadly weapon against any enemy in-game.)

How to Use the Crown of Guns in Enter The Gungeon?

On its own, the gun fires rapid-fire bullets from basically all directions. However, there are small gaps between each bullet source, which means that the player has to move around and adjust their position to hit targets with the Crown of Guns. Fortunately, things get a lot better for the Crown of Guns when paired with any of its Synergies. 

Synergies with items such as Remote Bullets will allow players to redirect and focus all of the Crown of Guns’ bullets to a single target. Adding the Usurper Synergy will only make the salvos come even faster.


The Crown of Guns is named the way it is for a reason – despite being a C-tier gun in Enter the Gungeon, the Crown of Guns has the potential to become the most powerful gun in the game through the help of some Synergies and item effects. 

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