What does the Crutch do in Enter The Gungeon?

enter the gungeon crutch

What does the Crutch do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Crutch is a B-tier passive item that changes a gun’s bullet behavior in Enter the Gungeon. Whenever the player has a Crutch in their inventory, all bullets will slightly curve their trajectory toward nearby enemies. 

The Crutch turns every gun’s bullet into a pseudo-homing bullet, which should help with aiming in Enter the Gungeon. 

Is the Crutch a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Crutch is a good item in Enter the Gungeon because it helps players consistently land more bullets on enemies. 

Players with bad aim will appreciate what the Crutch brings to the table in Enter the Gungeon. Many of the game’s guns rely on perfect timing and aim to land shots effectively on enemies, which is especially difficult when firing from a distance. 

Players new to Enter the Gungeon will need a couple of hours to learn the timing required to land perfect shots in-game, but with the Crutch in hand, players will be able to land more shots with the help of the Crutch’s pseudo-homing qualities. 

Best Synergy for Crutch in Enter The Gungeon

There are two known Synergies for the Crutch in Enter the Gungeon – Smart Bombs and Pea Cannon.

Smart Bombs (Best Synergy)

What’s better than a bomb? A bomb that locks onto enemies. 

When players have the Crutch in their inventory, bomb-type items such as the Bomb or Ice-Bomb will gain the ability to home in on enemies through the Smart Bombs Synergy. 

The Smart Bombs Synergy should help players land those explosives with relative ease in Enter the Gungeon. 

Pea Cannon

Players can use the Crutch alongside the D-rank Pea Shooter to increase the gun’s damage and add small explosions to every shot. 

With a measly 4-damage per bullet, the Pea Shooter is one of the weakest weapons in the game. The Pea Cannon Synergy will give the Pea Shooter that extra sting it needs to make it just a bit more usable in Enter the Gungeon. 

Heavy Bullets

While not a true Synergy, simply having the Heavy Bullets passive item alongside the Crutch can improve the homing effect that the Crutch gives to guns in Enter the Gungeon. 

Heavy Bullets will give shots more airtime, which should accentuate the Crutch’s ability to home in on enemies. 

How to Use the Crutch in Enter The Gungeon?

Aside from the three Synergies mentioned above, it is best to use the Crutch alongside guns that already feature homing bullets in Enter the Gungeon. 

Guns like the Corsair, Gunther, and Hyper Light Blaster with the Light Gun Synergy become even more accurate when used with the Crutch. 

Additionally, having two Crutches will enhance the homing effect that the Crutch gives to guns in Enter the Gungeon, causing bullets to turn even faster toward enemies. The only real challenge is finding another Crutch to add to your inventory. 


Almost every gun or item in Enter the Gungeon will be a reference to or a parody of other games and media. The Crutch is just another in-game item that reflects the devs’ sense of humor. 

Online multiplayer games will often feature a weapon or item that can help beginners stay relevant against more skilled players – a Crutch if you will. The Crutch in Enter the Gungeon does the very same thing for beginners by adding an aim assist in the form of a homing effect to any gun in-game. 

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