Enter the Gungeon – The Iron Coin (Valar Morgunis!)

enter the gungeon iron coin

What does the Iron Coin do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Valar Morghulis, otherwise known as the Iron Coin, is an active item in Enter the Gungeon that can instantly clear all enemies in a random unexplored room on the player’s current floor. 

Alternatively, players can simply hold onto the Iron Coin, which will grant a 20% discount at shops and improve the player’s Coolness stat by 2 when held. 

Valar Morghulis is the motto of the Faceless Men – an elite group of assassins – in Game of Thrones, which translates to “All men must die.” Game of Thrones fans will know what Valar Morghulis means, and in Enter the Gungeon, its effects aren’t really all that different. 

Is the Iron Coin a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

Valar Morgunis, the iron coin, is a good item in Enter the Gungeon. No other active item in-game allows players to instantly wipe out an entire unexplored room’s worth of enemies upon use. 

However, the slight caveat with the Valar Morghulis is that the player cannot choose which room they can wipe clean of enemies, as it is completely random, and only unexplored rooms will be cleared of enemies by the item. 

On the other hand, the +2 Coolness and the 20% discount at shops that the Iron Coin provides when held aren’t too bad either, as players can buy items from the shop at better value, thanks to the 20% discount. The +2 Coolness helps reduce the cooldown of active items by 10% and reduces the chance for a chest to have a fuse by 5%.

The Valar Morghulis can be unlocked by defeating the boss of the Gungeon Proper without getting hit. 

Best Synergy for Valar Morgunis in Enter The Gungeon

Unfortunately, there are no known Synergies for the iron coin. Players can either use it to wipe out an unexplored room on the current floor or hold onto it for the shop discounts and added Coolness. 

How to Use the Valar Morgunis in Enter The Gungeon?

The Valar Morghulis has three charges that the player can use anytime to clear an entire unexplored room’s worth of enemies. Players can pick up multiple instances of the Iron Coin, and the total charges increase by three for every Iron Coin the player picks up. 

The Rat will steal all loot drops before the player even reaches the wiped room. Nevertheless, players can still get money from all the enemies killed by the Valar Morghulis.

If you’re thinking about using the Valar Morghulis /Morgunis to clear a boss room, don’t do it, as the item will not work on boss rooms and you’ll end up wasting a useful Iron Coin charge. 

On the other hand, players can use the iron coin to clear any room that the Gunsling King chooses for a challenge, wiping the room of all enemies and, by extension, completing the challenge without having to set foot in the challenge room. 

The Valar Morghulis’ 20% discount can stack with the Disarming Personality’s 12% discount for a total of 32% at shops, but the discount and Coolness bonus does not stack between Iron Coin charges. 


The Valar Morghulis can instantly speed up room clearing in Enter the Gungeon with its ability to completely wipe out an entire room’s worth of enemies. The shop discount and added Coolness are nice to have as well. 

The Iron Coin, or Valar Morghulis, lives up to its name in Enter the Gungeon. Through this epic item, players can declare “All enemies must die.” and say bye-bye to an entire room’s worth of enemies; instantly. 

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